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Hey sis today I’m going to tell you 10 reasons you are breaking out acne and you are probably ignoring them at the moment. Acne is not something that just pops out from within our skin, its mostly caused by irritations from our surroundings, so if you want to know what you are doing wrong that is causing your breakouts then keep scrolling.

No 1

Clean your cell phone often, your cell phone goes through the entire day with you most times, in the heat when you are all sweaty, bacteria from your day to day activities such as shaking, touching various stuffs etc., always typing with your hand which you may have contacted some bacteria for touching money, dust etcetera, and then you put same phone on your face when you want to take or make a call, the bacteria already in the surface or surrounding areas of the phone, transfers to your face, making you break out, I mean think about it sis. So always have some alcohol wipes in your purse to clean your phone especially the screen before taking calls okay.

No 2

Clean your makeup brushes often Sis.

Now I know its time consuming, especially if you are the lazy type, like me lol, but you have to clean your makeup brushes regularly, and make sure to use some disinfectant or alcohol so to get the bacteria out and a brush washer as well, there are various types sold in your local beauty supply store.

No 3

Change your pillow Case at least once or twice every week.

 So your spend so much time taking out your makeup, and doing a loot of skin cleansing, and afterwards you go to lie down on the bed laying your head on that pillow which case has been sitting there for weeks or even months, soaked up with oil and dirt from your face leaving huge bacteria, now sis that’s gonna cause you huge acne breakout okay, so you want to change your pillow case and sheets a least once or twice a week okay.

Alright let’s get deeper, winks!

No 4

Make sure you take out all your makeup before going to bed.

 Now this is quite serious, some of yall ladies don’t take out your makeup at night and when you do you do not take it all out, this could cause some major breakout honey, so take out your makeup before bed time  by using some wipes to clean, then go ahead to exfoliate by using a cleanser brush and some face cleanser soap or a face sponge to take it all out because it doesn’t come out just by cleansing with the wipes, after wards cleanse further with some facial toner, and then moisturize before going to bed, trust me you are gonna love how it feels.

NO 5

Work out time, don’t go to the gym with makeup.

Never go to the gym with makeup okay, don’t try to impress anyone by doing that, you are going to sweat anyway, so why put on makeup. Makeup patches caused by sweating from a work out session could cause you to break out severely, and make sure to take a deep shower with exfoliators after work out, moisturize after your shower.

No 6

Eating habits.

Drum rolls, okay who likes to have a lot of chocolates, and nuts like me? Hmmm I hear everyone screaming meee.

Okay sis let’s talk about what you eat that causes you to break out, you should try taking few weeks off eating the kind of foods you eat that you heard causes you to break out, such as groundnut, cashew, chocolates, fried food etc, this will help you know which foods actually make you break out and which doesn’t and when you find out stay practically away from such foods, I know its hard, but you can skip on these meals for a while and eat them occasionally if you want to have a clear skin.  Drink a lot of water often it helps you get clear skin, and if you don’t feel okay just having water add some lemon it does have added benefits.

No 7


 When you are stressed out your oil glands and pores become opened and large hence producing more oil in your glands which causes sever acne breakout. Try not to over think, and take out some time to relieve yourself off desk work and do something different and relax, this will help your skin a great deal.

No 8

Hair products.

This is very important especially for ladies with long hair, there are various hair products that cause break out on your skin when you apply them, products like shampoo, conditioner hair gel etc., because these products touch your skin from your hair, they penetrate into your skin opening your pores and enlarging them hence allowing various bacteria to go into them, I advise you use natural products for your hair care routine, or break free form your current hair product and see which one works and which causes acne to your skin.

No 9

Stop touching your Face girl.

Okay almost every lady is guilty of this, you touch your face with your hands to often and this is not good at all, especially because your hands clog to much bacteria throughout the day as you do your daily activities, such as shacking, touching money, writing etc. there are a lot of bacteria that come from doing this daily routine, so u don’t want to touch your face with your hands except you have washed and sanitized properly. And also, do not let people touch your face as well, because they also have bacteria in their hands too after going around doing their daily routine. Honey keep your hands off your face.

And the last

No 10

When its that time of the Month

Yea I know you do not like this one, but you got to hear it, reason some women break out is because they are on their period, there are a couple of pills which could help stop this, I suggest you see a doctor for this to prescribe the best pill for this.

I hope this helped you improve a better healthy living.

Beauty inside out with Thysiamore.

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