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About Jaysmart Ventures

About Jaysmart Ventures

Jaysmart Ventures is an academic consultancy agency that helps individuals with a burning desire to further their Education to the university level in Benin Republic, Germany, Canada or USA.
With our experience, we’ve also been able to cut across the Business industry of Benin Republic with our car deals and also have the ability of making the hidden treasures of the country known to those interested in our tourist services.


The desire to see a smile on the faces of youths who have been longing to get admitted into the university was triggered by the frustration placed on these youths after many years of JAMB, PUTME, and the likes in Nigeria.
In the year 2013, the founder was opportune to pay a visit to the Republic of Benin and to his surprise, an unknown solution to this problem lied in the country. As peaceful and calm as you can imagine, the country is open to accommodate everyone in her comfort as long as you’re in with the right motive. This perception was a huge encouragement to him and awoken the spirit of longing to have more persons discover this solution.
Education is the key has been the words in the mouths of many successful persons today and this key exists also in the Republic of Benin. The University system runs in an unbeatable standard that ensures you get the best as long as you are dedicated.
Jaysmart Ventures as a consultancy agency have been able to discover the best universities in the country and will always be ready to give you that desired satisfaction you need.
Added to this discovery is the fact that the country is also open to business and tourist attractions.

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