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Common childhood illness and prevention’s

Common childhood illness and Prevention
Written by @Beninfo24/7

Common childhood illness and prevention’s

Common childhood illness and prevention’s

Common childhood illness and Prevention

Common childhood illness and Prevention

Common childhood illness and prevention’s

   1. Acute Cough

A cough is a critical reflex action designed to promote clearing of the upper airways. Cough may also be a sign of reduced lung function when becomes excessive for example, wheezing, regular cough.

Occasionally, Children and Adults coughs but recurrent/regular coughs, difficulty breathing with cough or coughing up purulent or bleeding substance warrant a thorough and timely assessment. When your child feels this, A “wet” or “mucousy” cough will sound different from a “soft” or “scratchy” cough or a “barky” (“sounds like a seal”) cough, It may be helpful to inform your child’s doctor.

Prevents of acute cough

  • Use of medication or Use of a cool mist humidifier
  • Cover the Child with thick clothes when there is Cold

   2. Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis

This is respiratory disease that is caused through infections in the lungs. It usually result to Child wheezing i.e. making a high-pitched whistling sound when breathing out, breathing rapidly and having trouble breathing. The following are the ways to prevent it.

Prevent of Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis

  • Avoid smoking spots
  • Keep your child hydrated with high in vitamin C liquids like water and juices
  • Bring your child to a doctor if his breathing worked out or if he loses energy and refuses to eat.
Common childhood illness & Prevention's

A child living Healthy

   3. Common cold

Does your child have runny nose and watery eyes, if he’s sneezing and at the same time coughing, He may be having inner cold, Colds are common among infants and toddlers in most countries. If the child’s body feels hot, he could also be running a fever.


Prevent of Common cold

  • Keep him hydrated with lots of fluids like water and low-sugar juices
  • Cover his body with heavy clothes so as to prevent cold
  • Keep him away from crowded places, sick individuals and other children
  • Teach your child to use a tissue to blow his nose, or to cover his mouth when sneezing
  • Bring your child to the doctor if he does not get better after a few days, or if he is also running a high fever

4. Chickenpox ​​ ​

Does your child have a fever, and itchy red spots on the body and face? The itchy rash appears few days and bust on the body with little scratch. The spots may leave scars if the scratched areas are infected. In healthy children, chickenpox is usually a common and mild disease. It is very contagious, and can easily spread through direct contact or droplets in the air from an infected person.

Prevent of Chicken pox

  • Bath your child with cold water
  • Give him chicken pox medications
  • To prevent illness spreading keep him from other Kids
  • To avoid scratching, trim your child’s fingernails and consider letting him wear gloves at night
  • Bring your child to the doctor immediately if the rash spreads to the eye, or gets very red or tender.

   5. Eczema

Does your child have a red, itchy rash on his head or hands, Is he regularly scratching children with eczema typically have eczema family history and other associated disorders.

Prevent of Chicken pox

  • Avoid common causes, such as abrupt temperature
  • Avoid soap and Sponge instead Use soap and cloth
  • Medicine (Antihistamine) before bedtime can minimize itching and allow him to sleep more comfortably
  • If the itch interrupts the child’s sleep or activity take him to doctor.

Often assess your children to know how they are doing in other detect signs of illness and for quick attention or treatment.

Often assess your children to know how they are doing in other detect signs of illness and for quick attention or treatment.


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