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Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic: BY THE GOVERNMENT

Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic: BY THE GOVERNMENT
Written by @Beninfo24/7

Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic: BY THE GOVERNMENT

Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic

The Republic of Benin lies on the western coast of Africa, between Nigeria and Togo. The educational system was inherited from the French when the country achieved independence on August 1, 1960.

The language of instruction in all Beninese Schools is French.

Many foreign students spend years studying in Benin Republic Universities here and are unable to speak a single correct word or sentence if French.

A lot of people seem to think that being in a foreign country means that you automatically learn the country’s language well. Studying in Benin Republic is not a Golden ticket to learning French.

Thus, the Federal Government of Benin Republic passed a new policy in 2019 stating that all Foreign students in Benin Republic must be able to communicate and learn French language during their studies.

The reason most students don’t speak French fluently or do anything about their grammar and pronunciation is that there is little pressure to do so. Other people can understand them despite their mistakes and some natives hear and speak pidgin-English.

Being in Benin Republic only forces you to learn what is necessary to survive — the ability to understand everyday language and just enough speaking skills to buy stuff and communicate with an “Okada” or Taxi. The rest is up to you, your motivation and ability to learn will determine how good you’ll speak French Language.

The fact is, you won’t be fluent in French while studying in Benin Republic unless you make a smart move.

Think Quality over quantity;

It’s not about the number of years you spend but in the quality of interaction in the Target Language. Most immigrants in Benin Republic don’t speak French very well, even after living here for 20 years. Many of them have been making the same basic mistakes for decades.

Enrolling for a professional French program is a very smart move to master French. LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY is offering you a chance at studying the French language with ease. It’s a very interactive professional program that is categorized into 3 classes. There is the beginners’ class which is for 3 months,

the intermediate class which is for 6 months and the Advance class which lasts for 9 months. A certificate will be awarded to you at the end of your program.


Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic- the Federal Government of Benin Republic passed a new policy in 2019…


LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY believes in education and entrepreneurship. They believe students should acquire professional skills even outside their field of study in order to be independent and stand out wherever they find themselves. Leadpreneur Academy offers so many other professional courses;

  • Web design
  • photography
  • baking
  • graphic design
  • ethical hacking
  • cinematography
  • bid making and lots more…

Be intentional about your study in Benin Republic. Force yourself to learn the most and make the best out of your stay here


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Compulsory skill acquisition for foreign students in Benin Republic

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