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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. I believe that intelligence plus good character is the goal of true education. Education is for improving the lives of others and for making your community and the world at large better than it already is. This is what I thought in my mind as I look outside my window, I see tall buildings, I see expensive-looking cars, I see immaculately dressed men and women getting out of those expensive cars and walking into those tall fine-looking buildings. Then I see bike riders looking tattered, I see teenagers like me hawking stuff, I see adults hurrying towards the bus station to board the public transport, they hustle to even get into the bus, almost climbing over each other. I see old women sitting by the roadside selling edibles and other things, I see the old men rushing to clean some of those expensive looking cars for little change. And then I see some others, especially young men just whiling away time either by smoking and drinking, or trying to bother young girls who are about their own businesses. “Agbero” as they are popularly called are in the middle of the road, collecting money from the bus conductors, going crazy when the conductors refuse to pay them. The pocket pickers are also on one side of the road, watching out for the next victim to steal from. Just as there are kidnappers everywhere. Now I take note of all these things every day from my window. The rich ones go about their day without the usual hustles and bustle the poor ones have to go through every day. I have 2 older siblings, both of who are apprentices in a mechanic workshop, and there’s my younger sister, the youngest of us all, she’s just in primary one in a government school which happens to be my alma mater and that of my brothers as well. I just finished my secondary school education and it’s looking like I’m going to be heading towards the same direction both my brothers did.

You can already tell I’m from a poor background. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I didn’t have the chance to want the normal things kids want, because it was instilled in me at a very young age that my family couldn’t afford the simple things of life that every kid should have. I went to school using a backpack that had been used by both my brothers, it had been sown too many times than I could count. I’m sure you already get the picture of how poor my family is. While this situation should have kept me resigned to the fact that I could not get out of this poverty, it only fueled my thirst for Education, the decision to succeed has kept me going all these years.

I studied hard, made sure my books were my best friends because that was my only way to get myself and my family out of the stronghold poverty had on us. I was the happiest human on earth when my SSCE results were released because I made all straight A’s! I was so joyful about this, I ran home to tell my family about the good news. I broke the news to them, expecting to see them happy, but they all looked crestfallen at my news. I was wondering what the problem was until my dad announced that I would be joining my brothers at the workshop where they were training as mechanics because there was no money for me to further my education. Although I always knew we were poor, it never hit me like it did when my father made that announcement. The security education gave me was what kept me going all these years, and now poverty wants to take even that from me.

I decided I wouldn’t let that happen. I kept studying hard, the cyber café close to the house became my haven. I browsed for a possible offer of a scholarship, universities with low tuition fees, menial job vacancies. I figured sitting around feeling bad won’t change the situation so I chose to do something about my situation in my own capacity.

Things turned around for me when I got a scholarship offer to study at a private university, the course of my choice. This was the happiest news I’ve had in a long while! This time around, my family was the happiest! My mom prepared a special meal for the family, and my dad expressed how proud of his children he was. This made me also proud of myself and encouraged me to do more. I studied hard and made the best results throughout my school year and my efforts have been crowned with very good job offers. Now I work with one of the top companies I always admired, I have a car and a driver to myself, my family is comfortable. I owe all of these to Education! To the scholarship program that gave me the opportunity to reach for my dream

The journey might not be easy, but the end result is worth it. We all have dreams, but we cannot achieve those dreams without education. There are lots of children and youths out there who are in the same situation I was in while growing up and without help, these children will definitely lose their zest for success so because of this reason, I also made a promise to give them the same scholarship opportunity I was given.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up. As you work to achieve your most ambitious goal, push yourself to keep moving forward until you achieve your goal!


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