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HEGT University Cotonou Benin Republic

HEGT University
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Hegt university cotonou benin republic

The High School of Management and Technology also known in French as Haute Ecole de Gestion et de Technologie (HEGT Benin Republic) offers courses that allow its students to be leaders forged in the vision of a new Africa. The one that reacts in favor of the expectations of the youth in terms of quality of teaching and especially of employment.

Hegt university cotonou benin republic is among the Wikipedia list of universities in Benin Republic

Our vision fits into the application of regional and international standards of education that meet the expectations of stakeholders (students, states, companies, teachers …).

Taking into account the African socio-economic environment requires collaboration within our school, teachers from a variety of backgrounds (Professors, researchers, business practitioners and professional associations such as the other).

The type of collaboration and the entrepreneurial program of our school will allow our students at the end of training to be necessarily creators of companies able to reinvent their world.

Haute Ecole de Gestion et de Technologie cotonou benin republic also offers many possibilities with the help of its local and foreign partners who favor the professional integration of its students.

These possibilities are of course wider when the student is heavily involved in associative life and self-development. This will give him freedom of choice at the end of training. That is why (HEGT is committed to supporting its students in research and job creation not only during training but also at the end of the cycle.

The High School of Management and Technology also promotes transparency in governance in order to guarantee equal opportunities for all future leaders. It fights any culture of prejudice and is committed to fight for the collective success of incubating leaders. Happy with its motto “Oser Entreprendre”, HEGT aspires that its students reinvent their personality and the creation of company defying the constraints of the complexity of their environment.

Hegt university cotonou benin republic mission

The High School of Management and Technology (HEGT), Hegt university cotonou benin republic has the mission of training young leaders who undertake effectively.

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Hegt university cotonou benin republic Method

From the practical set-up of financial statements, to the simulation of the administration of computer networks, to business games and the first sensations in company from your first year.

HEGT methods will lead you to be genuine professionals at the end of your training and able to make a difference in the world of employment.

Admission requirement into Hegt university cotonou benin republic

Five credit passes at not more than two sitting in
WAEC, NECO, BAC or its equivalent.
Four certified copies of Birth certificate
Four passport photograph
Four copies of international passport data page

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OND from institutions recognized
by the university senate
Official, sealed college or University transcripts
An official English translation of documents
not issued in English

Bachelors degree, Hnd or its
equivalent approved by the university senate


AwardCourse NameDuration
B.Sc Human Resources Management3 YEARS
B.Sc Computer Science3 YEARS
B.Sc Mass Communication3 YEARS
B.Sc Accounting And Finance3 YEARS
B.Sc Business Administration3 YEARS
B.Sc Marketing3 YEARS
B.Sc Project management3 YEARS
B.Sc Bank and Insurance3 YEARS
B.Sc Information Management and Technology3 YEARS
B.Sc International Relation and Diplomacy3 YEARS
B.Sc Law 4 YEARS
B.Sc Economics and Statistics3 YEARS
B.ScEstate Management3 YEARS
B.ScTransport and Logistics3 YEARS
B.ScComputer Engineering3 YEARS
B.ScTelecommunication and Networking3 YEARS
B.ScApplied Mathematics3 YEARS
B.ScPolitical Science3 YEARS
B.ScEnglish and Literary Studies3 YEARS
B.ScCreative Writing3 YEARS
B.ScLinguistics3 YEARS
B.ScHealth Information Management3 YEARS
B.ScElectrical/Electronics Engineering3 YEARS
B.ScHotel Management3 YEARS
B.ScPublic Administration3 YEARS
B.ScMicrobiology3 years

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