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Beninfo247 offers university consultancy service to help students achieve acceptance into the college of their choice. Beninfo247 help students to get the best school that is accredited and offer courses relevant to the field … 


Cotonou is the economic capital of Benin Republic and it’s a very fertile town for businesses. Beninfo247 offers services in business consultancy.

Benin will wow you with its palm-fringed beach idyll of the Atlantic coast, the rugged scenery of the north and the Parc National de la Pendjari, one of the best wildlife parks in West Africa! Travelling to Benin Republic, Beninfo247 is there at your service…


www.beninfo247.com Is a Benin Republic information portal dedicated to providing relevant information to all Africa and the world about the coastal city of republic of Benin. www.beninfo247.com also known as Benin Info, publish information on all aspects of Benin Republic such as politics, sports, education, lifestyle, places, travel business, carrier opportunities, entertainment, people and culture. www.beninfo247.com offer offline services in different aspects of human endeavours such as admission processing, tour service, and more.

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