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Special Education Advisor
12 Months | Beginning date Feb – Apr 2019
12 Months | Departure date between Feb – Apr 2019
Location Djougou, Benin 

Start Date Feb – Apr 2019 (flexible) 

Duration of the assignment 12 Months 

Language requirements English 

French Reading: Level 4, Writing: Level 4, Oral: Level 4 

Linguistic Requirements: http: //www.cusointernational. org / en / languageratingscale 

Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada only

Role of the volunteer cooperant

This assignment is complementary to the post in animation and art therapy and is part of the psychosocial intervention component of the Cuso program in Benin as part of VOICE. The post of Special Education Advisor in the center of Djougou is a replacement and is therefore a continuation of the work that has already been done in this center. The approach is to have, ultimately, multidisciplinary teams in each of the centers of St-Camille for the psychosocial component of Cuso’s intervention with the Beninese partner. 

The assignment will have three main components:

Stream 1:

  • Support the staff of the St-Camille Association’s mental health care center in Djougou, Benin, in the implementation of the psychosocial intervention program (play therapy, sport, leisure – rehabilitation to daily living – relations with patients, etc.) for patients who are accommodated and medically treated in the center;
  • Work with the center’s staff most likely to ensure the sustainability of the acquired knowledge and prepare them to ensure the continuation after the departure of the cooperants (through training / support and the development of appropriate tools);
  • In a participatory approach, train the participants to design constructive and stimulating activities, to animate them and to implement interventions adapted to the needs of the patients.
  • As needed, with the workers, develop intervention strategies specific to particular issues (eg crisis, medication, personal hygiene, etc.).
  • Contribute to developing the understanding of the mental illnesses (psychiatric) among the speakers and their impact on the behavior and the reduction of the capacities of the patients;

Part 2:

  • Support staff and apprentices at the Association’s Mental Health and Rehabilitation Center

St-Camille in Djougou, Benin, in setting up a support service for patients and their families in the process of social reintegration of patients; 

Part 3:

  • Advise the management staff of the Association St-Camille-de-Lellis on the policies to be put in place to ensure the sustainability of the program of therapeutic animation in the center and the support service for patients and their families, in their reintegration process.

The Volunteer-Volunteer must carry out the following activities: –

Continue the training and support of the worker who supports the facilitation of therapeutic activities and select new workers to be trained and supported 

– In collaboration with the / stakeholders, implement the program of activities of animation and therapeutics 

-Develop activities that take into account equality between men and women and respond to issues related to gender 

Develop tools to support the program of activities of animation and therapeutics according to the identified needs 

Assess the needs of patients and support management staff in the development of intervention strategies specific to particular issues (eg crisis, medication, personal hygiene, etc.) 

Essential academic qualifications:

Diploma in Special Education or psychoeducation (college or university level) 

Experience / Essential Skills:

-Two years of experience in special education intervention 

-Experience in training and facilitation 

-Able to work with few resources and as a member of a team

About the partner

Saint-Camille-de-Lellis Association

Association St-Camille-de-Leillis is composed of 4 centers of accommodation and treatment distributed on the Beninese territory, that is to say, in the south, the north and the center of the country. Each center hosts from 180 to 225 patients at the same time. The staff of each center is composed of a director, an assistant director, usually two nurses, caregivers and more or less 20 counselors. peer support). The Association has 3 work centers (or rehabilitation) in the south and south-central of the country aiming at the socio-economic reintegration of the re-established patients. St-Camille also built a hospital in the city of Adjarra (in the south of the country) to provide adequate physical health care for the mentally ill. A board of directors, consisting of 5 people, 

The mission of the Association Saint-Camille-de-Lellis is to help people with mental illness. More than 60,000 men and women with mental illness have benefited from this organization to date. Each new patient is assessed, diagnosed and medicated according to a contemporary psychiatric approach. In African understanding, a person suffering from mental illness is possessed of the devil, she has been bewitched. His delirium, his unusual behavior, bizarre and sometimes aggressive are interpreted. Everyone stays at a distance, nobody wants to touch her for fear of being bewitched in turn. In the city, she is wandering, helpless and left to herself; we move away from it, we abandon it to its sad fate. In the villages, 

At St-Camille, the patient is admitted to a nursing home, diagnosed (psychiatrist and / or nurse), treated and surrounded by caregivers (ex-patients) who provide a caring, loving and reviving living environment. After a few months, according to his evolution and his personal needs, the patient returns to his environment or he is directed to a center of work (or rehabilitation) in the community to learn a trade. In this last place, when he is ready, he is then reintegrated into his community of origin (village, neighborhood). An external network provides medication and medical follow-up in the community.

Terms and conditions

The assignment conditions of Cuso International ensure a healthy and modest lifestyle that will allow you to work effectively. This financial support, which is used to cover basic living expenses in the field, does not include the volunteer’s personal expenses in the country (loans, alimony, etc.) or luxury goods during the assignment ( import products and personal travel, for example). 

Financial support

– Moderate monthly living allowance (varies by country of assignment). 

– Accommodation on the ground. 

– Return ticket, visa and residence permit. 

– Health insurance, compulsory and antimalarial vaccines required. 

– Pre-departure training and field orientation. 

– Travel and accommodation expenses for the reintegration weekend. 

– Modest allowance for your dependents for assignment of 12 months or more (return flight, emergency medical insurance, vaccinations). 

– Employee Assistance Program (During and After Assignment). 

– Cuso International Evaluation Day (candidates must pay the first $ 200 of the most economical means of transportation, as well as all their living expenses). 

– Travel and accommodation costs for five-day pre-departure training and field orientation. 

– We offer a return flight to your country of residence or a cash back if you extend your stay by at least 6 months after completing a 12-month assignment. 


We ask volunteer volunteers, regardless of the length of their assignment, to raise $ 2,000. We accompany all our volunteers in their efforts to help them achieve their fundraising goal. A volunteer volunteer who chooses not to raise funds or who does not meet his or her funding goal may make a one-time donation or join our monthly giving program to support our mission. 

Virtual voluntary cooperation

Depending on the nature of the assignment, volunteers are encouraged to provide support electronically to the local partner or to Cuso International before or after the field assignment. Volunteer volunteers may also ask a person doing virtual volunteer co-operation to assist them in their work during the assignment.

Residence and citizenship


The majority of Cuso International applicants reside in Canada at the time of application and the pre-departure process. Occasionally, we receive applications from people who reside outside of Canada when they file. Regardless of the circumstances, we must be able to reach you easily and quickly at all stages of the process (from the date of your application to your date of assignment, if applicable). 

We may need your passport. In addition, we will need to know where you live now and what your travel plans are, if you have any. You must also be able to enter Canada without restriction during this period in order to participate in assessment and training activities, if applicable. 


Leaving your country of residence can have a significant impact on your citizenship status. It is your responsibility to inform immigration authorities of the potential consequences of a stay in Canada in the context of pre-departure procedures (if you live outside of Canada) or an absence from your home country. residence because of an assignment in a third country. 

By submitting your application, you accept full responsibility for any sanction or consequence that your travel (for the evaluation day, pre-departure training, your field assignment or any other travel under a mandate with Cuso International) could have on your status of citizenship, residence or immigration. 

It’s up to you to check the consequences and implications that apply to your situation, of course. Here are some scenarios that could happen:

  • If you are a permanent resident, you may need to make certain arrangements with Immigration Canada before you leave. These provisions will allow you to leave Canada without losing your permanent resident status. Without this type of agreement, you could lose your permanent resident status.
  • If you are a citizen of another country, including if you are currently in Canada on a visa, you may have travel restrictions.

To apply for this job email your details to wspsupreme@gmail.com

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