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Are you Tired of your present career and want a change?


Career path and career ladder are two traditional ways for employees to develop and advance within an organization, just as career ladders are the progression of jobs in a company’s specific occupational fields, ranked from highest to lowest in terms of responsibility and pay. 

People are more engaged when they believe their employer cares about their development and provides opportunities to achieve personal career goals while also fulfilling the company’s mission. A career development path offers employees an ongoing opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge, which can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions, and transfers to new or different positions. 

Implementing career paths may also have a direct impact on the entire organization by improving morale, job satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and responsiveness in meeting departmental and organizational goals.

Tradition, socioeconomic status, family, and gender all influenced career choice and progression in the early twentieth century. Most men’s career choices, as well as their status within those careers, were influenced by what their fathers and other male family members had done before them. Women’s career options were even more constrained by convention and social mores. Career advancement and ladders were almost non-existent.

However, by the late twentieth century, this traditional path of a person’s career at one employer had become obsolete. 

Work organization and performance are constantly evolving and changing.

Traditional job paths will continue to decline.

While many career paths lead to management positions, there are also several options for those who do not want to work in management.

People are motivated by different incentives, both in their personal lives and in their careers. And that holds true for IT professionals and developers as well. You may not dream of being the boss or the CEO, but not because you don’t like money or power. In many cases, it’s simply because you don’t like to rely on other people to get the job done and that is largely what being a manager is about.

Technology careers attract all types of people and a percentage of those will be introverted or simply not interested in managing people. 


Data analysts in Africa can work from home and make between $2,500 and $6,000 per month while paying no taxes or transportation costs deciding to transfer to the workplace. UAE, UK, USA, and Canada

If you are having financial difficulties, it is likely that you lack skills.

N1,500,000 is equal to $2,000.

$ 6,000 is N3,600,000.

You can learn in 6 months how to perform a data analyst task through EXCEED AIRTICS (AI) ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM 

Introducing ICT as the highest paying company as the world evolves.  

There are Jobs and other career opportunities available in the industry that are vacant due to the high number of people who do not have the skills required for the Job.

This is why we introduce this to everyone who is interested so that they can apply for this program through the zoom meeting.

This program is brought to you by Leadpreneur Academy. Tap the link to apply. 


1) About AI (Artificial Intelligence)

2) Opportunities available 

3) If this career path is right for you.

At the end of this program, candidates will be issued certificates from Acacia University. 

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