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Relationship between Obesity and COVID-19
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Obesity means having an unhealthy amount of body fat. This erupts some damages and diseases in the body, People with severe obesity are most likely to have diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, Hypertension, Cancer, and another respiratory disease. these sicknesses keep them suffering abdominal pain and other Body and respiratory pain during a lifetime, which mostly leads to an early death.

Relationship between Obesity and COVID-19

Relationship between obesity and COVID-19

This Article summarizes the relationship between Obesity and COVID-19

Obesity increases and causes breathing problem called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), so also is COVID-19, which majors in inhalation problems, Breathing is the source of life of which without it living beings and animals is good as dead. An Obesity person with the respiratory disease most times finds it severely difficult in breathing. both cause inhalation issues. COVID-19 disease, once it gets to the body system. it attacks the respiratory system and leaves the patients with few days of suffering severe inhalation problems and in turn eliminates the person.

The potentials reason for the risk of COVID-19 infections in Obesity person are; Most coronavirus patients with obesity may already have compromised respiratory function. like abdominal obesity which is more prominent in men and causes compression of the diaphragm and may also cause pro-inflammatory cytokines that release some syndrome, The symptoms include fever, cytopenias, high ferritin levels, and acute respiratory distress syndrome with the infection of COVID-19 may play worst outcomes of illness.

Clinicians should always consider screening obesity patients with severe COVID-19 for hyper inflammation markers such as increasing ferritin, decreasing platelet counts, or erythrocyte sedimentation rate, to distinguish patients that could benefit from immune suppression therapy.

It is proven that Patients under 60 with a BMI over 35 were at least twice likely to be admitted to the ICU than patients with healthy BMI, the researchers report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Those same patients were three times more likely to die from the infection than those with a lower BMI.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OBESITY AND COVID-19 – Obesity increases and causes breathing problem called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), so also is COVID-19″

To prevent and be free from Obesity and the risk of COVID-19, let’s play the stay safe rules and have a better living, Eat healthy foods for your to derive the required nutrients and stick to good shape, To avoid COVID-19 Follow good respiratory hygiene. Sneeze and cough into your elbow if using tissues, immediately dispose them and wash your hands afterward, Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water, Regularly clean commonly used surfaces, including digital devices you touch or handle and also follow the washing of hands rules for safety.

The World Health Organization advises people to cut out the ultra-processed junk food! and start eating real food, to protect the NHS, and save lives.


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