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Ways to make money Online
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Ways to make money Online

Online business

Do you want to know how to make money online as a student or just or just a regular individual who just wants to start a successful online business? Here’s my advice. you may ask, “why should I listen to you?. “ well Because, I have built multiple businesses online, (7) figures online businesses” so I have the knowledge and experience of what it is to start up and run an online business. And If you are a working-class person or student that wants to know how make money online, these are the basics on how to make money online as a student.

  1. Value

You can’t build a successful online business with a stingy attitude, you must learn to provide value first! But you ask for patronage! 80% of online startups and small businesses fail at this. for example, you run a cloth business and you advertise on Whatsapp or Facebook, you have never shared a valuable article about how to choose a good cloth or something related, you don’t have any way of sharing tips that explain and educate your clients for free on how to use certain tools or material you are selling?

You may post “wow check out this new delivery I’ve got. place your order now!” Automatic turn off, Probably some friend will buy, and that’s it! Do you want to build your business on only friends’ patronage? or you want to build a global brand that solves the problem and in turn, gets paid for the solution/services you provide? so what’s my point? you’ve got to learn to provide value upfront and the money will come.

As a student that wants to make money online or any starting any type of business, you must learn to provide value. If your put value first In your Business it helps create a good rapport with your potential client, there is more to value creation and there is definitely a lot to gain from it as well, we will discuss more benefits of value creation and ways to create them for your business in another article.

  1. Tools

The tools you use in providing value in your online business matters as a student or entrepreneur in general matters a lot, What is your tool of business?  What platform are you using in making money from your online business? Whatsapp? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? is your business 100% online or 50/50

Ways student can make money Online

Online business | make money online \ student ways to make money online | entrepreneurship

Some businesses are better on a particular platform. Don’t send news on Instagram. Instead, use twitter. You’ve got to know what tools/platform is perfect for your kind of business!

at least all businesses can use websites and a few other social media.

The platform you are using for your business online will impact your business long term. You can’t be in serious business and rely on Whatsapp status as your main selling point, examples of tools for some business.

  1. TikTok good for general business, as long as you know how to use it.
  2. Instagram fashion,food,lifestyle,artist
  3. A Facebook business page for an old and new client, for business engagement
  4. Whatsapp for a direct relationship with clients.

As a student that wants to make money online, you have to create a website for your business, Websites is the ultimate of them all, There are other professional paid tools, email autoresponders. Funnel tools, premiums outsource services, etc. Your tool is your hero, you can’t be more powerful than your tools, you can’t outshine or do more than a competitor that has more tools than you if you have any. Tools also involve people and skills you have in your team! What’s your team’s strength? Are a team or one-man army?.

  1. Scalebility Metrics

If you don’t know what is your business scalability metrics. You will operate a business for years after years without growth. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are coming from, this is the reason why a newcomer or startup with complete scalability metrics can come from nowhere and overtake everyone in a particular business. This is one of the most important intelligence to have in your area of business and it will help you make money from your online business.

With scalability metrics you know all angles, directions you can scale or grow your business, if you do music for instance, in order to make money online lookout for your Audience Demographics: which demography is listening to your music, this is no guesswork, you have to have a way of checking it, you can use the Google Analytics, Facebook business metric, that will help you know whether girls or boys listen to you more and to also know the location and country they are. their age range etc. This will help you know the area to push and the area to limit your effort.

Ways student can make money

Online business

  1. Gather Information

What you should be looking for is your business not money first. but data. “The money is in the data” don’t be emotional make your decision based on the data you have gathered in your business, And then sort it out.

“I spend more money here and get less back, I spend small money here and get more of it here”

So it means, I need to be spending more money in where I have more profit coming in and spend less in where you have less, this is not rocket science, it business logic. You have to apply the Logic, that is one of the ways students can make money online.

We will be moving to the last step, the last step is the most crucial if you want to be successful and grow very fast, As long as you have step 1 to 4 right, don’t hesitate in step 5.

This is step shows the difference between people who have been for 5 yrs and you who is starting now. But in six months you will overtake, no film tricks.

  1. Scaling and Budgeting

At this Level, people say to use the money to make money, Since you have all the data you need to make the right decisions. You can now put money on paid advertisements, more stocks, more marketing tools. This is to improve your marketing and help you make money from your business online. But a lot of people do take this step first without having the full data/information, to make informed decisions on their businesses.

This applies to investment too. I see people investing in what they have little knowledge of, and that is not investment, if you don’t have information/data don’t put your money.

Because the same way you can make big profits at this level is the same way you can incur a huge loss. Make sure your effort and business success as you apply these business concepts.


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