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10 Top Restaurants in Cotonou you should Visit

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It’s time to Check off some fine restaurants in Cotonou. Who doesn’t like to go out to eat? Spending quality time with friends and family, good food, and no cleaning up dishes.

Cotonou city is home to kitchen melting pots and one can dine well without breaking a bank. Restaurants in Cotonou can be described an amazing array of classic and rustic restaurants ranging from Asian to European and typical African ones.

Fine Restaurants in Cotonou

Fine Restaurants in Cotonou

A nice thing about these restaurants in Cotonou is their extensive menu that includes Vegan options and many continental dishes.

Okay foodies, here are some restaurants in Cotonou that you want to check out for a dining experience!


This is a rustic restaurant in Cotonou which is typical of Benin Republic. I can’t emphasize enough how crazily delicious the food served here is. Even before the food hits your table the scent will fill you up. They have a good variety of dishes such as jollof rice, fried or sauced fish and meat, Blokoto, Atchieke, aloko, and much more.

Fried or grilled fish or turkey eaten with Akassa and savory vegetable sauce is a worthwhile attempt. The portion of the food is extremely large and is so fairly priced.

The Beninese community regularly come here for lunch and dinner, and sometimes the place might be a little busy, but hey it’s comfortable and clean and you’re going to be too busy with your food to even notice something.

They also have a buffet for you to choose from, and each dish is priced individually.


Best French cuisine in the Benin Republic. This is one of the finest restaurants in Cotonou. The service, food and cleanliness; on-the-spot everything, which is not always the case in most restaurants.

On red checked table clothes are served hearty portions of classic and carefully prepared dishes.

The hot and fresh bread rolls of suckling chicken and curry sauce are a signature; juicy and rich with a crispy skin that cracks with every bite

If you ever come to Cotonou, the first restaurant you go to should be this.


Nigerian homesick foodies, please come in! This restaurant is here to soothe your gastronomic needs. The soups are freshly cooked and filled with juicy and assorted meat and fish. They offer varieties of Nigerian native soups such as vegetables, oha, egusi, bitterleaf and served either with fufu, eba, or pounded yam.

Non-native food options are also available, including jollof or fried rice, beans, yam. Fried meat and plantain can be well seasoned over delicious jollof or fried rice.

Okay, pounded yam served with rich and tasty Egusi soup was one of our signatures ever since.

It is gentle and smooth


This is a fancy restaurant on the beach side which offers you the priceless ocean view while savoring your delicious meal. This restaurant offers amazing seafood dishes; fish, lobster, shrimp … Either fresh, sauced or barbecue as a tartare of fresh plantain tuna fish, fried vegetable shrimps or any delicious fish soup with well-seasoned fried bread and fresh cheese.

The atmosphere is so relaxing and after their meals, the diners take their time to sit down on long chairs on a quiet beach.


Run by a Thai family, this fine restaurant offers a range of savory Asian cuisine. A combination of Chinese and Thai food.

If you want to go on an Asian menu, you may want to start with a mixed starter and then order some succulent coconut chicken and pineapple rice, or better yet, try the delicious Tom Yum chicken soup. Don’t worry about vegans, the menu has a full page of vegetarian choices and staff are always polite and happy to help you select the best dishes.

You may opt to have your meal on the terrace with nice water feature and authentic work of Thai art or an exotic atmosphere at the diner.


This is among the very popular restaurants in Cotonou, more or less a pizzeria and bar, that has been around for decades. Mainly, they serve continental dishes. The cooking is reliable at all times and they make very good pizza. Drinking a beer, and hanging out with friends, is a really nice spot.

Start with a nice cocktail or wine while you’re waiting for your meal. If you’re a seefoodie, you can try the big BBQ prawn or seafood pizza; the calzone is quite tasty too.

The beer is still cold, and excellent food service. Restaurant Living Stone is next door to their sleek and very cozy hotel

It is in Haie vive, Lot 17, and is a perfect hang-out expat.


This red-painted two-story building overlooking the port of Cotonou is an envelope of well-flavored and spiced variety of dishes. Traditional Beninese soups such as Gbekoui and Gboman, Amiwo are on the menu as well.

Food is always freshly prepared, which may take a while, so call and place your order an hour before arrival

Try the fish dishes, they ‘re the best.


This is a fast food where you’re going for a well-flavored ice cream tub, a tasty snack or a take out. The place is air-conditioned, with a warm reception. It is the only restaurant in Cotonou that is open all day and all night, from 7 am to midnight.

Yeah, if after a long day you ‘re exhausted and hungry and want a late snack, you’ve been protected by the Festival des Glass. There are many branches at Festival des Glass but the main branch is at.


The Chinese legacy is very much alive in this restaurant, located in the center of the lively city of Cotonou. They have a range of soup choices, It is located in Haie vive, with seating upstairs and downstairs. The cozy two-storey diner offers a good list of Chinese dishes. The prices are modest and the food is served quickly.

We recommend that you order some sweet and spicy steaming pepper soup.


Have you been to a restaurant where the manager takes your orders!

The spices and flavors are so unique and fantastic and their menu extends far beyond Indian food.

Here are some favourites; the best are masala, butter chicken, Chili Paneer and the sizzlers! Just know this, no matter what dish you order on the menu it will definitely be delicious. Most of the dishes are spicy, so tailor the spiciness on a scale of 1 – 10

The service is friendly and fast and if you don’t know what to eat, they’ll help you pick your dish. The restaurant has a gracious manager and is super clean.


As the name implies, this new restaurant in Cotonou is known for its Crunchy and Juicy Shawarma

It is another fantastic ice-cream and fast food joint. Here are a few items on the menu; a delicious roasted chicken, varieties of salad, Hamburgers, delicious fries,

There you have it! Some really fine restaurants in Cotonou you should really visit. If you have been to any of these restaurants feel free to share your gastronomical experience with us.

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