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ESEP-La berger
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ESEP- Le Berger

The Higher School of Vocational Education ESEP – SHEPHERD is an institution created under Decree 0136 / MENRS / CAB / DC / SP of 18 October 1999 .

Education at ESEP – The Shepherd is characterized by an attitude of presence, openness, availability and respect for consciousness. Three fundamental principles illustrate the thought of the Oratory and guide ESEP- Le Berger



School is not only a place for the transmission of knowledge, it is also a place of communication of consciousnesses

A child is nobody’s thing. There is no question of dominating it and, by dominating it, of shaping it as a matter or of raising it as an animal. It is about serving it to, starting from what it is and arousing its energies, to help it become what it must be.

To listen to the aspirations of our pupils, to meet them in their expectations, as close as possible to the new educational needs, to accompany them in their uniqueness, develop their personality by allowing them self-confidence and respect for others, Cultivating a taste for the demands of rigor and hard work, the pleasure of learning and the desire to know, is the wish that I make for all in order to make them active citizens free and responsible for this The world of tomorrow that we are building with them today.

Our vocation is to welcome the pupil in an attitude of respect for the human person and to make him a free and responsible actor of his existence by giving him access to knowledge, a taste for culture, Social life and the approach of the spiritual life.

ESEP-LE BERGER Benin Republic is based on a professional pedagogy, allowing the creation of a real personal and professional project.

The associative life, essential component of a life of balanced school, more than a hobby, a true human formation, are the assets of the center.

Twelve fundamental reasons for choosing ESEP-LE BERGER :

– An appropriate framework that meets modern educational standards,

– The proven professionalism of its trainers,

– Diplomas accredited by CAMES ,

– Advanced equipment in all areas of training,

– Partnership with major schools,

– Cultural and sports activities,

– Seminars and capacity building,

– Internships and field trips,

– A hostel to accommodate students safely,

– Follow-up of the health of the students in our infirmary,

– Buses for the transport of our students,

– Increased rigor in the application of school regulations.

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Admission Requirements

Registration form

Excerpt from birth

LAC statement or attestation

Advanced Diplomas

School certificate


4 photos of identities

2 envelopes stamped at the address of the parents or guardian

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Courses offered

AwardCourse NameDuration
B.Sc Human Resources Management3 YEARS
B.Sc Industrial Computer and Maintenance 3 YEARS
B.Sc Telecommunications3 YEARS
B.Sc Finance-Accounting and Audit 3 YEARS
B.Sc Business Administration3 YEARS
B.Sc Marketing and Strategic Marketing 3 YEARS
B.Sc Banking Finance and Insurance 3 YEARS
B.Sc Project Management 3 YEARS
B.Sc Communication and International Relations 3 YEARS

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