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Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well

Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well

*Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

A Lady called Susan Saunders was 36 years old and her mother had been diagnosed with severe dementia, she had a child, a baby, a full-time job as a television producer. As she dispatched her care to her family, she remembered when she was a teenager, her mother cared for her own mother, who had the same disorder and then she determined to do all she could to increase her chances of aging well.

Similar to Annabel Street, her grandfather died of cancer some months after he retired while she was a student. Later she watched her mother care for her grandmother, who spent almost 30 years struggling with dementia and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. After she grew and had four children, she developed chronic autoimmune disorder knew the stuff needed to improve when she developed

Together, Saunders and Streets started researching the latest science on how to have a healthier, happier old age and how to apply it to their own lives. The research was conducted for 5 years, these were some of their research and secret to Good and Key to aging well.

Be Optimistic

Researchers have found that older people with a negative attitude to aging, have worse functional health, slower walking speeds, and lower cognitive abilities compared to those with a more positive attitude. Negativity, unsurprisingly, puts stress on the body, raises levels of cortisol, and has a long-term impact on the heart so, cultivate optimism attitude today.

Keep Learning

The brain loves novelty crafts, games, even cooking from a new recipe, all trigger the creation of neurons, but the more complex and more difficult the new activity is, the greater the rewards it gets. Choose something that often includes social interaction and a bit of movement, including music. Best of all, try learning complex new dance moves

Use Olive Oil

We think of olive oil as “liquid gold”, these are its benefits and aids to aging well, improved heart safety top of the list. Four and a half years ago, clinical trials involving 7,000 older adults at risk of heart disease showed that those consuming an olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet had 30 percent fewer cases of heart attacks and strokes, as well as improved lipid and cholesterol rates, and lower blood pressure. Olive oil consumption has links to a slowing of the progression of breast cancer! reduced bone mass loss, and better blood glucose control. It can be used to cook or dress multicolored vegetables.

Take a nap

A Nasa study found that sleepy pilots had a 45% improvement in performance and a 100% improvement in alertness after a short nap. But the key is to make the nap short (about 30 minutes). Studies consistently show that naps of over 90 minutes can be harmful to our health.

Keys to aging well

A Man having his nap

Read books

It’s still good to read 30 minutes a day. In the meantime, each expert seems to suggest reading as a way to get to sleep. Though reading is sedentary and solitary, reading frequently has been associated with longer, healthier lives, so it’s also the key to successful aging or aging well.

Build Muscle

Older adults who did twice-weekly strength training lived longer and had less illness than those who did not. We like rowing and weight-training for efficiency; we also keep pairs of weights near the kettle and the TV! and lift them if we have a few minutes to spare.

Walk Faster

Walking is good but it’s necessary to keep pace, Brisk walking has been linked to better memory, better health, and longer life, and Current researchers suggest that those walking early in the morning also make better decisions during the daytime, so consider swapping your morning commute for a robust walk.

Eat Fibre foods

It has been confirmed that the consumption of carbohydrates has a great impact on successful aging. The most successful agers are (ones that are disease-free for decades) also those that consume fiber more usually from fruit, wholegrain bread, and oats.

The researchers proposed two potential explanations for this: fiber enhances food digestion, thereby holding insulin rates in control, which in effect decreases inflammation (a primary aging trigger), and certain forms of fiber ferment in the body, creating short-chain fatty acids, which also dampen inflammation.

Fibre also helps reduce cholesterol levels, which in turn supports heart health! and lowers colorectal cancer risk by moving food through the gut quickly.


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10 Healthy foods for Aging parents in Cotonou

10 Healthy foods for Aging parents

10 Healthy foods for Aging parents in Cotonou

10 Healthy foods for Aging parents in Cotonou10 Healthy foods for Aging parents

*10 Healthy foods for Aging parents in Cotonou

As one starts aging, the body consistently changes not just in how they look, but also in how they work. The changes start by taking a long time to digest meals, most times you may not drink enough water because you don’t feel as thirsty as you used to. Food may lose some of its taste, so you simply might not be interested in eating.

You might have a hard time chewing, most times, might just not feel like cooking, or you might be tired of eating by yourself. When you start experiencing these signs, the well-oiled machine starts to sputter.

Talk to your family doctor or health care person about any trouble you are having as you try to eat or may seek advice from your family doctor also you can probably come up with a plan that gets you back into eating well.

Nutritious and healthy food for aging people

  1. Beet carrot and apple juice

10 Healthy foods for Aging parents

Healthy foods for Aging parents

Some people may not think that a beet-carrot-apple juice combination sounds good, but it’s good and nutritious, it provides an abundance of health benefits especially for seniors, beets are especially good for brain health also with lots of vitamins.

  1. Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothie is a classic and tasty drink for breakfasts. This banana spice smoothie recipe is good for digestion and for keeping inflammation under control and is belly friendly, the kefir in this smoothie is especially good for seniors due to its high content of vitamin B12.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes is rich in antioxidants, helps aging parents from prostate cancer, and lowers the risk of lung cancer, a research published in a British journal about cancer says, using tomato soup, soda, or having it in your daily meal as one of the ingredients will help keep your body safe.

10 Healthy foods for Aging parents

Healthy foods for Aging parents

  1. Drinking of coffee

Drinking coffee has also been associated with a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It is more advisable to drink coffee without sugar or refined syrups and also avoid too much milk in order to maintain the nutrient value in the coffee.

  1. Fatty fish

Oily fish is rich in unsaturated fats omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to minimize inflammation and potentially help reduce the risk of disease, cancer, and arthritis, so it’s also good to have more of it.

  1. Eat seeds and nuts

Aging people like eating nuts especially when they feel like chewing something, Nuts are high in carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, and full of omega-3s, examples of nuts are almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, which are incredible for heart health. They keep your vision strong even in old age and it fights the development of skin cancer.

  1. Green Vegetables

It has been proved that green Leaves such as Dandelion green leaf, Bitter leaves, Telfairia occidentalis (Ugwu) and other dark green vegetables have are nutritious and friendly to the body, boost the excretory system, and also helps to cleanse the inner system.

  1. Grain foods

Grain food intake is linked to successful aging, helps lower cholesterol, increases blood sugar control, and maintains digestive health also shuttle waste out of the body, foods such as Brown rice, Oatmeal, Whole grain bread, etc.

  1. Consume more of Eggs

Most of the protein in an egg can be found in the egg white, while the yolk contains healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, egg is a richly nutritious food and good for our health.

  1. Fruits

It is good to eat diverse fruits to benefit all the necessary vitamins that can be gained in order to sustain the body to be healthier, but there are some fruits that are more nutritious for an aging person specifically, such as Apples, Cherries, blueberries, Asparagus, Grapes, Broccoli and many more.

With the above mention diets, our aging parents can enjoy nutritious foods and live a disease-free life, living happier and eliminating all kinds of disease in the body.


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