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Simple tips for elderly people to apply at home in Cotonou

Simple healthy tips for elderly people to apply at home

Simple tips for elderly people to apply at home in Cotonou

Simple tips for elderly people to apply at home in Cotonou

Simple healthy tips for elderly people to apply at home

*Simple tips for elderly people to apply at home in Cotonou

Staying healthy is one of the most important things on which aging people can focus on, however, the big part of staying healthy is being comfortable in what you do and where you are. Some of the healthy tips that can be done and that are applicable at home to make a home comfortable to stay are the following.

Remove fall Hazards

Fall is the major cause of senior’s injury, the essential things to do in order to avoid fall is to make the home more free and safe, to reduce the risk of falling and to encourage home safety for seniors

Create an environment which is more open. in case an elderly person is walking, this will be easier to do, rather than using a wheelchair or walking stick, it will be easier to access the doorways.

Keep Emergency numbers handy

It is important to keep emergency numbers close for any emergency reasons, mostly for elderly people, in order to give calls for assistance when necessary.

Review and share important memories

Sometimes share important photos of past memories with loved ones, look through the pictures and talk about it. that will help to refresh and remind you of the happy moments you had in the days.

Often stay safe at home

It might be tempting to welcome someone who is at the door and looks nice but watch out. These are some important things you should note to avoid some unhealthy occurrence from strangers

Install a peephole in the front door to have a picture of who’s standing at the door

It is advisable not to open doors for strangers either the person lives close or abroad while the person is alone, don’t stay indoor with stranger alone,

Place a note of reminder on the wall next to the door saying, do you know this person, if No, you may pass the required information’s at the door post.

Make the bedroom comfortable



You may as well think that danger might not happen in an elderly persons bedroom but is not likely to be true, An Elderly person can come across many possible risk here, To make the bedroom safe, Replace a sagging mattress with a firmer one, it will be much more relaxed, will be more supportive and will not isolate an elder’s rest in any position and remove any weird pictures or sharp objects too from the bedroom.

Ask for house help or House keeper

It can be frightening and painful to see someone you love struggling to care for themselves. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your loved one’s home has become much messier than it used to be, maybe wearing stained or dirty clothes. You can talk to your loved ones who know others who have used home care services to assist you in getting a home care service so as to help in keeping the home clean for them.

Check the home lights

Aging eyes does not always function like before, Elderly ones should avoid darkened areas in their home. it is advisable to remove light bulbs that are already burnt and replace with a functioning bulb so as to lighten the darkened places.

Ensure a safe bathroom

In order to make the bathroom more relaxed and safe for the elderly people, tackle the following issues,

  • In the bathroom put rubber mats to avoid slipping
  • Set the water heater Thermostat to 1200 F no higher to avoid accidental burn
  • Place a bathing chair in the tub, your best choice for a bathing chair should also be one that fits in the bathroom.

Remember, having the comfort of your home is much more important, with the above suggested hints you can help in keeping your home safer to live in.


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Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well

Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

Keys to aging well

*Keys to aging well in Benin Republic

A Lady called Susan Saunders was 36 years old and her mother had been diagnosed with severe dementia, she had a child, a baby, a full-time job as a television producer. As she dispatched her care to her family, she remembered when she was a teenager, her mother cared for her own mother, who had the same disorder and then she determined to do all she could to increase her chances of aging well.

Similar to Annabel Street, her grandfather died of cancer some months after he retired while she was a student. Later she watched her mother care for her grandmother, who spent almost 30 years struggling with dementia and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. After she grew and had four children, she developed chronic autoimmune disorder knew the stuff needed to improve when she developed

Together, Saunders and Streets started researching the latest science on how to have a healthier, happier old age and how to apply it to their own lives. The research was conducted for 5 years, these were some of their research and secret to Good and Key to aging well.

Be Optimistic

Researchers have found that older people with a negative attitude to aging, have worse functional health, slower walking speeds, and lower cognitive abilities compared to those with a more positive attitude. Negativity, unsurprisingly, puts stress on the body, raises levels of cortisol, and has a long-term impact on the heart so, cultivate optimism attitude today.

Keep Learning

The brain loves novelty crafts, games, even cooking from a new recipe, all trigger the creation of neurons, but the more complex and more difficult the new activity is, the greater the rewards it gets. Choose something that often includes social interaction and a bit of movement, including music. Best of all, try learning complex new dance moves

Use Olive Oil

We think of olive oil as “liquid gold”, these are its benefits and aids to aging well, improved heart safety top of the list. Four and a half years ago, clinical trials involving 7,000 older adults at risk of heart disease showed that those consuming an olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet had 30 percent fewer cases of heart attacks and strokes, as well as improved lipid and cholesterol rates, and lower blood pressure. Olive oil consumption has links to a slowing of the progression of breast cancer! reduced bone mass loss, and better blood glucose control. It can be used to cook or dress multicolored vegetables.

Take a nap

A Nasa study found that sleepy pilots had a 45% improvement in performance and a 100% improvement in alertness after a short nap. But the key is to make the nap short (about 30 minutes). Studies consistently show that naps of over 90 minutes can be harmful to our health.

Keys to aging well

A Man having his nap

Read books

It’s still good to read 30 minutes a day. In the meantime, each expert seems to suggest reading as a way to get to sleep. Though reading is sedentary and solitary, reading frequently has been associated with longer, healthier lives, so it’s also the key to successful aging or aging well.

Build Muscle

Older adults who did twice-weekly strength training lived longer and had less illness than those who did not. We like rowing and weight-training for efficiency; we also keep pairs of weights near the kettle and the TV! and lift them if we have a few minutes to spare.

Walk Faster

Walking is good but it’s necessary to keep pace, Brisk walking has been linked to better memory, better health, and longer life, and Current researchers suggest that those walking early in the morning also make better decisions during the daytime, so consider swapping your morning commute for a robust walk.

Eat Fibre foods

It has been confirmed that the consumption of carbohydrates has a great impact on successful aging. The most successful agers are (ones that are disease-free for decades) also those that consume fiber more usually from fruit, wholegrain bread, and oats.

The researchers proposed two potential explanations for this: fiber enhances food digestion, thereby holding insulin rates in control, which in effect decreases inflammation (a primary aging trigger), and certain forms of fiber ferment in the body, creating short-chain fatty acids, which also dampen inflammation.

Fibre also helps reduce cholesterol levels, which in turn supports heart health! and lowers colorectal cancer risk by moving food through the gut quickly.


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Importance of Exercise for aging People in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Importance of Exercise for aging People in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Importance of Exercise for aging People in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Importance of Exercise for aging People in Cotonou, Benin Republic


*Importance of Exercise for aging People in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Exercise has been recognized and known as one of the important health tips for both elderly and sick people, being active has been shown to have many health benefits both physically and mentally, it may also help in living a longer life.

Definition of exercise

Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and helps calories to be burned from your body, Exercise can be done in any form of activity, e.g Jumping, Walking, Swimming, Jogging, Dancing, etc. Here I will like to lay emphasis on the importance of exercise on aging/Elderly people.

Elderly people exercise should be done on a regular basis, and having it fun and routine will help in the long run, additionally, there are many health benefits that older adults will get from long term exercise. Let’s kick off with the benefits of aging exercise.

   Makes you active and Boosts self-confidence


Elderly Parent doing their Exercise

It promotes self-confidence and temperament, exercise is an enormous relief of stress and hormones created can actually help to mitigate pain, depression or anxiety sensations, on a norm being healthy and feeling good makes you feel more positive & full of strength.

   Helps you to sleep Healthily

Exercise helps in improving sleep, Regular exercise will help you sleep quicker, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling more energetic and refreshed.

   Beneficial to the Brain

With aging exercise, the brain will function broadly in multiple tasks and help prevent memory loss, dementia, and cognitive impairment, exercise also helps in delaying brain disorder.

   Reduces the impact of illness and Chronic disease

In most countries, Fit people who do exercise tend to have improved immune and digestive systems, Good blood pressure and bone density, and a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

   Loss of weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge because metabolism naturally slows with age, Exercise helps to increase metabolism and to develop muscle mass, thereby assisting to burn more calories.

   Healthy Joints

Body joints require regular movement to stay healthy and supple, people with arthritis. In particular, can benefit from aerobic programs and reinforce exercise programs.


However, some aging people don’t like exercise, due to the fright of falling down, it’s frustrating to them, disability, or feel too many aches and pain and some might feel am too old to practice exercise.

Here are some other optional preferable

  • Walk with a pet. If you don’t have a dog, you take a volunteer walk or have a voluntary walk-in group and see how much better you feel afterward.
  • Find an exercise buddy, someone you really enjoy his/her company, and try out activities you have never try before, you may find something you love. At worst, you’ve spent time with a good friend.
  • Meet new people at a yoga class
  • Watch favorite movie or Comedy that can make you laugh
  • Take photographs in a natural style
  • Instead of chatting with a friend over coffee, chat while walking, stretching, or strength training.
  • Listen to music or audiobook while lifting weight or get involved in playing a tennis game. With these activities, you can help to keep your body healthy.

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Healthy Tips for heart Conditions

Healthy Tips for Heart Conditions

Healthy Tips for heart Conditions

Healthy Tips for heart Conditions

Healthy tips for blood diseases and related condition's

Man with heart disease

Healthy Tips for heart Conditions

There are many ways in staying healthy with heart Conditions below are some tips for people with heart conditions you can apply.

  • Watch your weight
  • Eat fiber
  • Engage in Hobbies
  • Interval training
  • Avoid Salt
  • Exercise
  • Listen to Music’s
  • Laugh Frequently
  • Eat more of Chocolate
  • Stretch your body most times
  • Recall Numbers
  • Eat Fish with fat’s oil
  • Own a pet
  • Enjoy ride’s
  • Take a stroll/Walk
  • Have sex
  • Do what you enjoy doing
  • Have breakfast
  • Drink green tea
  • Lift weights
  • Brush your teeth
  • Find your happy place

Some important tips

Engage in activities

Such as knitting, sewing, and crocheting can help relieve stress and do you some good. Other relaxing hobbies, such as woodworking, cooking, or completing jigsaw puzzles, may also help lessen your worries and keep you happy.

Aging Well

Elderly People having some Activities

Also Control your weight

Carrying excess weight when you’re living with heart disease makes your heart work harder. That puts more strain on a muscle that’s already diseased and trying to power you through each day. It also places more stress on your joints and may worsen knee or hip pain, which may make exercising painful.

Feel the Music

If you prefer an Afro beats two-step tune, dancing makes for a great heart-healthy workout. Like other forms of aerobic exercise, it raises your heart rate and gets your lungs pumping. It also burns up to 200 calories or more per hour, According to Mayo Clinic.

It is also said that being overweight is also a risk factor to sleep apnea pauses in breathing during sleep that increase the risk for high blood pressure, stroke. So try to keep yourself Fit and enjoy every moment of your life.



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How to Prevent Diabetes | Benin Republic Freedom from Diabetes

Freedom from Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes | Benin Republic Freedom from Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes Benin republic

Freedom from Diabetes

Freedom from Diabetes

Benin Republic Freedom from Diabetes

How is diabetes prevented evaluating and living a better lifestyle may be a great step in preventing diabetes and it’s never too late to start a new lifestyle. Prevention is very crucial.

Especially if you are at an increased risk of diabetes, have a family history of the disease, or overweight, it is important to make diabetes prevention a priority.

In preventing diabetes some of the basic things to do are eating healthy food for diabetes patients, becoming more physically active, and losing a few extra weights.

Making a few simple necessary changes in your lifestyle may help you avoid the serious health complications of diabetes in the future, like heart failure. Look out for these tips.

As we all know there are two types of diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: Develops frequently during infancy, it occurs when the body mistakenly attacks the better cells, eliminating the ability to produce the insulin that the body needs to properly use blood glucose.

It can be challenging to receive a diagnosis of type1 diabetes at that many people manage the condition well, keeping symptoms and serious conditions.

Ways of managing Type 1 Diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes diets: It is important to keep proper blood sugar control by eating food like quinoa, Vegetables, Fruits, Beans, Eggs, Seafood, Soya beans, and lean meats.
  • See your doctor for medical prescription or Injections
  • Use Verapamil

A research was conducted and it was confirmed that people with type 1 diabetes were given doses of verapamil in the study, the trial showed that the levels of their glucose/sugar ended up minimized than those who didn’t take it.

This treatment tends to increase the immune function in the pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes, thereby reducing the need for daily insulin injections.

Freedom from Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes: One’s body either resists the effect of insulin with type 2 diabetes! Which is the hormone that regulates the movement of sugar in the cells,

Type 2 Diabetes was mostly gotten by adults but nowadays it’s found in children too and that may be due to an excessive increase in weight/Fat or hereditary.

Adjusting to some lifestyle can assist in lowing the effect of type 2 diabetes, most people with the condition will need to take medications that low blood sugar/glucose in order to boost the body’s sensitivity.

 Ways to manage Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes diets and exercising can help manage the disease. If diet and exercise aren’t enough to manage your blood sugar well! you may also need diabetes medications or insulin therapy such as:

Bile Acid Sequestrants

The bile acid sequestrants are a group of oils used to connect certain components of bile by interacting with the bile constituents, they inhabit the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids and avoid their re-absorption from the stomach.


Meglitinides induce better cells to produce more insulin! helping the body to absorb better process glucose hence and lower blood glucose levels. This specific class of medication is intended to help lower blood sugars after meal, and is particularly helpful for those with flexible schedules and when consistent mealtimes aren’t always possible.

 Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors for Diabetes

The drugs block the breakdown of chewy foods such as bread, potatoes, and pasta, and they slow down the absorbance of some sugars, like table sugar. You take an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor with the first bite of each meal.

Most people take a pill three times daily. Typically an alpha-glucoside inhibiter will lower your A1c, (The normal influence of your blood sugar for a few months)

One can use other drugs substances for reducing and lowering blood sugar to help put in control the Diabetes disease.


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Benin Republic Healthy Tips for people with blood diseases and related conditions

Healthy Tips for people blood disease and related conditions

Benin Republic Healthy Tips for people with blood diseases and related conditions

Healthy tips for blood diseases and related condition’s

Healthy tips for blood diseases and related condition's

Healthy tips for blood diseases and related condition’s

Benin Republic Healthy Tips for people with blood diseases and related conditions

The blood is essential to the body, without blood there will be no transporting of oxygen, nutrients, electrolytes, and hormones to the separate parts of the body, diseases that affect how your heart or blood vessels pump blood can cause complications such as heart disease, stroke or other related health issues.

Blood Diseases and their Healthy tips

  1. Heart attack

Simple healthy tips for heart attack

  • Use relaxation and self-care to reduce stress
  • Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat more of low-fat foods, low-cholesterol diet with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Limit salt intake and alcohol
  • Limit salt and alcohol intake.
  1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

  • Know the signs of Aneurysm

While aneurysms may occur without warning, recognizing the signs and symptoms is crucial. If often fell discomfort, Painful or Sluggish symptoms or unexpected symptoms. See your doctor for treatment and advice.

  • Stick to your treatment plan
Healthy tips for blood diseases and related conditions

The doctor prescribing medication to a patient

If you have been diagnosed with an aneurysm or suffered a rupture or dissection, it’s important to stay up to date on important screenings, take all medication as prescribed, and work with your doctor to lower your risk factors to avoid a recurrence.

  1. Congestive Heart Failure


In the Benin Republic most people prefer eating seafood, which is good for the health, Reduce the salt content in your diet by trying the following suggestions:

  • Select foods which are low in salt

Such as fresh meats, poultry, fish, dry and fresh legumes, eggs, milk and yogurt, Plain rice, pasta, and oatmeal are good low-sodium choices. However, the sodium content may increase if salt or other high-sodium ingredients are added during their preparation.

  • Choose raw vegetables or fresh fruit rather than salty snacks always.
  1. Muscle pool / Muscle cramps

Low blood supply to your legs and feet in most cases cramping in those areas when you exercise, walk or participate in physical activities.

Prevention of Muscle cramps

  • Make sure that you drink enough liquid to avoid dehydration. Your body loses more water when physically active, so increase your liquid intake when you exercise.
  • Warm-up before you indulging in sports and exercise. Failure to heat up can cause muscle strains and injury.
  • Don’t exercise right after eating.
  • Increase your calcium and potassium intake naturally by drinking milk and orange juice and eating bananas.
  • Talk to your doctor about taking a vitamin supplement to ensure that your body receives the necessary supply of nutrients and minerals.
  1. Coronary Artery disease

Prevention of Artery disease, It’s important to go for regular exercise, take your prescribed medicine by your doctor, keep your blood pressure and diabetes under control, Always avoid binge drinking, Eat a balanced diet, Quit smoking, Keep a healthy weight, A practice nurse or health professional can tell you what your ideal weight is in relation to your height and build. Alternatively, find out what your body mass index (BMI).

  1. Diabetes

How to prevent Diabetes

Limit sugar intakes

Eating a diabetic diet does not stop you from eating sugar entirely, but like most of us, there are some changes, If you have diabetes, you can still enjoy a small serving of your favorite. You can dessert now and then. The key is to eat moderation.

Eat Fibre and Less Carbs

Carbohydrates have much effect on blood glucose than fats and proteins—so you need to be smart about what types of carbs you eat. Limit refined carbohydrates, like white bread, pasta, and rice, as well as soda, candy, packaged meals, and snack foods. Focus on high fiber complex carbohydrates also known as slow-release carbs. They are digested more slowly, thus preventing your body from producing too much insulin.

Eat regularly also keep a diet

Your body is better able to regulate blood sugar levels and your weight when you maintain a regular meal schedule. Aim for moderate and consistent portion sizes for each meal.

Keep your blood at a good functioning level as you follow the prescribed healthy tips, As it is said health is wealth.


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How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

Health Anxiety

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) in Benin Republic

Health anxiety is not a Sickness or disease. However, there are many diseases or sicknesses that can happen due to anxiety, which can lead to illness. There are some symptoms that may occur which may lead the person to illness.

How to diagnose health anxiety

To arrive at a health anxiety disorder diagnosis, your doctor will perform a physical exam to rule out any health conditions you’re concerned about. If you’re healthy, your doctor may refer you to a mental healthcare professional. They will likely proceed by:

  • performing a psychological evaluation, which involves questions about your symptoms, stressful situations, family worries, worries, and issues affecting your life
  • asking you to complete a psychological self-assessment or questionnaire
  • ask about your use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances

People who had been diagnosed with Health anxiety are mostly classified as:

Somatic symptom disorder: particularly when the person has symptoms that are perceived as distressing to them or if they have multiple symptoms

Illness anxiety disorder: if the person has no physical symptoms or only mild symptoms

Difference between concern for your health and health anxiety, let’s see the difference.

If you have feelings or have some symptoms of being ill, it’s normal to be concerned. Health anxiety is marked by the constant belief that you have a severe illness. You may become so consumed by worry that you are unable to stop the distress becomes disabling.

If you’re concerned about your health, the rational thing to do is see your doctor. With health anxiety, you’ll feel extreme distress about your real or imagined symptoms even after medical test results come back negative and doctors reassure you that you’re healthy.

This condition goes beyond having a normal concern for one’s health. It has the potential to interfere with a person’s quality of life, including their abilities to function daily, Create and maintain meaningful relationships, Stressful events, or situations.

How to deal with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

Causes of Hypochondria

What causes people to develop health anxiety?

Experts in the Benin Republic and other countries aren’t sure of the exact causes of health anxiety, but they think the following factors may be involved:

You’ve had past experiences dealing with real serious illness in childhood. So as an adult, the physical sensations you experience are frightening to you.

You have a poor understanding of body sensations, diseases, or both of these things. You may think that a serious disease is causing your body’s sensations. This leads you to look for evidence that confirms that you actually having a serious disease.

You have a family member or members who worried excessively about their health or your health.

Hypochondria most often occurs in early or middle adulthood and can worsen with age. For older people, health anxiety may focus on the fear of developing memory problems. Other risk factors for health anxiety include:

How to treat health anxiety?

Treatment for health anxiety (Hypochondria) involves psychotherapy, with medications sometimes added. Secondly, improve on your ability to function daily.


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