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COURAGE UNIVERSITY BENIN REPUBLIC  was birthed out of a passion for education and for young people who are struggling to gain admission into higher education institutions due to the limited number of universities available globally compared to the number of applicants.

Courage University has gone mainstream, reducing the number of students seeking admission into higher education around the world.

The university is approved and accredited by the ministry of education and scientific research Benin Republic, with approved no; Annee 2015, no 010/mesrs/cab/dc/sgm/dpp/oges/depes/sa. in the year 2014. it was and still is on the list of accredited and recognized universities by the federal ministry of education Abuja, Nigeria. 

Courage University is also registered and is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization(IAO). And was later legalized and sealed by the United State of America with approved No: 14041909(07/2014).

Courage university Is determined to foster effective collaboration with and continually provide empowerment services to the public, toward accreditation discharge of its responsibility to its environment.

This is the most commonly asked question among prospective students in the Benin Republic.

Accreditation has been the most frequent question about universities in Benin Republic. It is a significant indicator of quality. When assessing qualifications, employers, and universities.

Courage University is one of the top accredited universities recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Benin Republic, NUC approved, and NYSC guaranteed in Nigeria. Students who have graduated from Courage  University have no issues serving.


Faculty of Pure and Applied Science

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry Computer Management
  • Project management
  • Agro-economy
  • Agricultural science

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Accounting
  • Banking and finance
  • Business administration
  • Estate management
  • Marketing
  • Transport and logistics

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics
  • International relations and diplomacy
  • Political Science
  • Public administration
  • Sociology

Faculty Of Arts and Humanities

  • French and linguistics
  • Journalism/broadcasting
  • Theater arts
  • Mass communication
  • Music

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Requirements To Study at Courage University


  • Holders of five credit pass with English Language and mathematics any other three subjects relevant to the choice of the intended course of study in WAEC, NECO, GCE, A-LEVEL, NABTEB, or an approved/certified program of its equivalent.


  • Candidates with N.C.E, O.N.D, A-LEVEL, Certified and recognized professional certificate holders could be considered for 200 level.


  • HND holders or an equivalent could apply for two (2) session conversions.

Aim & Objectives Of Courage University


  1. To produce highly motivated and conscientious and efficient graduates of all spheres of life.
  2. To encourage creativity and agility among graduates.
  3. T assist graduates to fit into the social community and commit to national and global objectives.
  4. To provide graduates with intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and to make them adaptable to any challenging situation.
  5. To enhance graduates committed to the areas of their specialization
  6. One year NYSC program for Nigerian students is guaranteed.

Academic Session of Courage University Benin Republic

At Courage University, An academic year is divided into three semesters. i.e

  •  MAY(summer session)

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The January session marks the start of a new session. This is the time of year when the school starts a new session, new students are admitted, and old students advance to the next level. Admissions and applications open earlier. The semester lasts until April when students take a 2-3 week break before returning to the new session.


MAY is the start of the second semester. This semester also observes the admission of new students. The semester lasts about three months. Around May, students take a longer break that can last anywhere from one to four months.

Students who began in the first semester will take a longer break, whereas students who began in the second semester will take a shorter break.

Students who started in the first semester will take a longer break, while students who started in the second semester will take a shorter break and resume their studies.


The summer semester is the third and final semester of the academic year, and it varies slightly by the school. The semester runs from around September. Most students choose not to study during the summer semester. Students who enroll for the summer semester, on the other hand, are those who missed the first or second semester and want to make up for it.

This semester also sees the addition of new students. Classes cover the same amount of material but are more focused and intense, and students must make up work from previous semesters.

Students must work hard and efficiently this semester.

The majority of students prefer to take a summer vacation, while others prefer to remain in school and take professional courses, among other things. Summer classes can help some students “stay in the study mode.” It enables them to continue their learning and studying routines over the summer. It might also help them recall information from the previous semester that they’ll need in the coming semester.

Courage University, like other Benin Republic universities, has a hostel. Courage University students attend lectures on campus and then return rest in their hostels at the end of the day. Hostels are divided into two categories: private and public hostels. The public hostel has a large number of rooms to accommodate a large number of students, whereas the private hostel has a small number of students occupying the apartment.

The hostel has been designed to provide an accommodating and comfortable environment for students. Because Cotonou is known for its tranquility, staying in the hostel would be a fantastic experience.

How To Gain an admission Into Courage University Benin Republic

Apply through the No.1 certified and approved Benin Republic Education Consultancy firm_BENINFO247.

You can apply through our website in just a few steps:

1. Tap the link to apply to Courage University Benin Republic


2. Call/chat us on WhatsApp for more details.  


Once you have completed the application form on our website, a representative will contact you to provide you with the necessary information on how to gain admission to the university. You will be given information about accommodation, fee structures, tuition costs, and other requirements.

We provide special follow-up services after you have applied, guiding you through the procedures until you are finally admitted into your desired university. We make sure you’re updated on when you should resume, the directions on how to come to Benin Republic accommodation, as well as your student pack.

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