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In recent years, admissions into universities in Nigeria appears to have become more competitive. Diverse questions keep arising in regards to this challenge such as: what are the main reasons for lack of admission into universities in Nigeria? How can the total percentage on the lost of careers due to lack of admissions be controlled? Or what are the solutions to the basic problems of the country pertaining to Education?

Prospective candidates who have passed their Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE) and the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME/JAMB) might wonder why they are not admitted despite their good grades and UTME scores. Statistics have shown that only about five percent prospective candidates are actually admitted into universities annually in Nigeria, then what happens to the remaining 95(ninety-five) percent?

It has been observed that while few students get admitted at their first application, majority others might have to apply time and time again say up to four times and still not get the admission they seek. There are many reasons why prospective Nigerian students miss admission every year, this might be as a result of; parent interference with choices of their children, Lack of orientation, error associated with online registrations, Inadequate preparation for post UTME, Failure to attain admission percentage ratio and lots more, but this has not really been the issue on ground, it has now come to the best knowledge of Nigerians that the admission slot available does not fit with the total demand of the public.

According to vanguard, May 11 2017, the total amount of student that registered for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME/JAMB) was 1.8m which left student to jostle for 850,000 admission slots, leaving at least another 850,000 candidates at cross road. Unfortunately, these numbers increase drastically every year and the government or the federal ministry of education haven’t done anything about it. Statistic has also shown that candidates that register for the UTME have risen from 1.2M to 1.8M within 3years with the admission spaces not improving in the process. Due to the continuity of this situation in the Nigerian system of education, many bright and brilliant destinies have been taken down the wrong part, leaving majorities of the masses uneducated.

With future of many young Nigerians at stake, many charity groups and other organization have risen up to the challenge of fixing these ever-growing problems of the Nigerian education system by helping find suitable admission solutions in foreign countries. Among these special organizations is the ever growing Beninfo247 and her associates like Jaysmart Ventures, Kolsis Global Services , etc. These organizations work as a team and specializes on helping individuals attain their dreams by providing them with meaningful information and perhaps aid their pursuit of educational opportunities and activities in an international setting.

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