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   Located in Central Africa’s Great Rift Valley, where the Southeast African continent and the African Great Lakes region meet, is the landlocked nation of Rwanda, formally the Republic of Rwanda. Since the 11th century, Twas, Tutsis, and Hutus have lived in what is now Kigali. The city includes a Muslim Quarter and a thriving market and is situated on a number of beautiful peaks and lovely valleys. Over a million people, predominantly Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were killed in the fighting that took place in Rwanda’s capital. Built over a mass grave where 250,000 people are interred, the Kigali Memorial Centre serves as a perpetual memorial to the 1994 Genocide. The Kigali City Tour Bus is a fantastic way to learn about this now-safe and welcoming city.

The Kigali City Sight Seeing trip will be to your taste. There are several stunning images of Rwanda’s stunning mountainous landscapes. You will also go to a number of markets and buy Rwandan goods from the lovely Rwandans. You will discover more about the past and present of Rwanda. Outsiders are mostly left to their own devices until they want assistance, in which case they will be received with great hospitality. The city’s broad, tree-lined boulevards and spotless squares are safe places to promenade. Thriving art culture is there, and there are more and more places to eat and drink—many of them with enticing panorama vistas. For local craftspeople and food merchants to display and exchange their wares, the Kigali Cultural Village provides a specific area. The convention center, which shines brightly into the night sky atop one of the numerous hills in Kigali, as well as new shopping malls and office buildings, are all signs of the city’s fast development.

In contrast to the government and administrative district, which is located on Kacyiru Hill farther east, the core commercial area occupies Nyarugenge Hill. One of the major valleys is bordered by Nyarutarama Lake, also known as Lover’s Lake, which is an 18-hole golf course. With the possibility to observe some of Rwanda’s amazing birds, the trail around the lake is very serene and provides for a great urban nature walk.

With 80% of employment and 90% of the nation’s food demands being met by agriculture, Rwanda’s agricultural industry is essential to the country’s economy. The five-year, $32.6 million Feed the Future Rwanda Hinga Weze Activity, funded by USAID, focused on the sustainable intensification of Rwandan smallholder farming systems, with an emphasis on climate-smart, nutrition-sensitive approaches and social behavior change across 170 villages. 

There are some intriguing locations in Rwanda:

  • Park devoted to volcanoes
    One of the most magnificent species in the world may be seen here: Due to government attempts to prevent their extinction, mountain gorilla populations have been steadily growing over a lengthy period of time. Among the genuinely unique experiences in the region are pursuing endangered mountain gorillas through the eerie closeness of a rain forest that is alive with the cries of 200 different kinds of bright birds and the chatter of the uncommon golden monkey. Both Buhanga Eco-Park and Musanze Caves, which were built 62 million years ago during the last estimated volcanic explosion, are found inside the confines of Volcanoes National Park. Buhanga Eco-Park is an ancient woodland that is home to some of Rwanda’s most fascinating legends.


  • Monarchy’s museum
    You’ll be shocked to learn that this museum is actually just an ancient shack. But the little house is among Rwanda’s most historically significant locations. During the reign of king Mutara 3, around the middle of the 20th century, it was constructed. A small herd of long-horned Inyambo cattle, descended from the king’s herd, is kept in the back by its caretakers, who look at them with care and sing to them as a special custom is preserved. The graceful cows, which belonged to the larger Ankole breed, were a significant part of the king’s honor ceremonies. They were taught to listen to a trainer’s songs and follow his movements in a regal procession, and they were decked with priceless jewelry.


  • Lake Kivu
    Ever stop to consider and try to picture a lake in the middle of a desert? From the minute you see this lake in person and the way the surrounding decorations are constructed, it will wow you. If we don’t inform you it’s a lake, you’ll assume it’s a beach right away. Halfway around the lake, at Karongi, is a well-known beach resort with hills covered in pine and eucalyptus that serve as a background to the glistening lake. Local fishermen sing as they paddle in unison at dawn and sunset, and the melody travels over the ocean. An hour’s drive from Volcanoes National Park, Rubavu, formerly Gisenyi, is a sizable city on the northern shore of Lake Kivu and the ideal spot to unwind after a gorilla hike.


  • Museum of ethnography
    The Ethnographic Museum is located in Kigali and was given as a gift by the Belgian government as a symbol of the independence and peace of the Republic of Rwanda. The best ethnographic and archaeological objects are on display in this structure. The exhibits start out with geographical and geological displays before going on to tools for hunting, agriculture, animal husbandry, ceramics, weaving, and woodworking. Additionally featured are traditional dress and building techniques, as well as the societal significance of cattle. Even today, descendants of the royal herd may be seen in the King’s Palace in the adjacent Nyanza region. The last room includes habits and beliefs from the past, as well as history, culture, poetry, oral tradition, and cosmology. On-site is a renowned craft center as well.

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Places to visit:

  • Kigali city tour
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  • Kigali genocide memorial
  • Lake Kivu
  • Boat ride
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  • Bungee jumping
  • Quad biking
  • Mountain Kigali
  • Senghe farm

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