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fact about republic of benin
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How much do you really know about the Republic of Benin? A lot of people have been there many times, some even studied there and they know next to nothing about the beautiful country! Well that is about to change.
Here are few facts to get you started.

  • Did you know that Benin is bordered on the North by Burkina Faso and the republic of Niger, on the East by the federal republic of Nigeria, and on the West by the republic of Togo?
  • The president/head of state only addresses the nationalities on the state of the nation once in every year in the national assembly hall and the tenure of every president’s office is 5years.
  • Benin became independent from France on August 1, 1960.
  • The National flag of the republic of Benin was hoisted formally for the first time on the day of independence which was on the 1st of August 1960. The flag replaced the French flag and the colors are Green, Red and Yellow.
  • The color Green on the flag stands for hope and renewal, the Red stands for courage and the Yellow calls to mind the country’s richest treasures(Wealth)
  • Over half the people speak Fon, Yoruba, Mina, Bariba and Dendi among other important languages but the lingua franca is French
  • The country was formerly known as Dahomey before it was changed to Benin on the 30th of November 1975.
  • The country’s only seaport and international airport are in Cotonou. Cotonou is the largest city in the country
  • Citizens of benin are referred to as Beninese
  • Beninese women have a high fertility rate of approximately 5 children per woman.
  • Crime rate in the country is low, however, theft is an issue.

There’s a whole lot of more facts coming at you! Keep it locked with Beninfo247 as we feed you with credible information about the Republic of Benin nonstop.

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