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You gave me everything I ever wanted.
You make me smile even in my saddest moments.
At the mention of your name my heart just swells and it feels like it’s about to burst with pride.
Your love for me is so intense I can never understand why you love me so!
You make me the envy of the whole world.
With you, I feel the pureness of love, with you, I am assured that love does not hurt.
With you, I know love solves everything.
Even before I call for you, you are there by my side, watching me while I sleep, making sure I do not have nightmares or scary thoughts.
Truth be told, if I use all of the words in the dictionary, I really would not find the appropriate words to describe how much I appreciate your immeasurable love for me.
In all of this world and beyond, I am sure I will never find anyone like you.
You are just absolutely, divinely awesome!

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Cheers to the surest love of all.
Your valentine …….

This is dedicated to all couples; married, engaged, dating and to the singles out there, you are not left out! Valentine is for everyone. Don’t forget to show your love to the one who first loved you.

Happy Valentine to you all!

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