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ISAO University Benin


With around 1,500 students from 10 different countries, ISAO University Benin is one of the largest universities in the BENIN REPUBLIC and our popularity has grown significantly in recent years.

Our six academic faculties offer over 20 courses, from foundation level, through undergraduate degree programmes, to taught Master’s courses and research doctorates. About a third of our students study part-time, combining employment with our professionally relevant courses, improving their career prospects.

Situated in Cotonou, the BENIN’s second city, we’re proud of our strong links and close collaboration with the region.
We put more than $70 million into the regional economy and support thousands of jobs in the city and surrounding area.

ISAO University Benin Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements

Entry Into undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, depends on academic qualifications and English Language level.

ISAO University Benin Academic entry requirements

Undergraduate Students

For entry into the first year of our 3 or 4 year undergraduate / Bachelor degree programmes we ask for a school leaving qualification, which is equivalent to the British school leaving qualification, (A-levels / International Baccalaureate), WAEC, NECO ect.. Students who have completed A levels / IB and qualifications of the same level can apply for direct entry into year 1 of undergraduate programmes.

Undergraduate Transfer

It is possible to transfer into the 2nd year of an undergraduate degree programme, if the university studies under taken to date in another country or in another university in Benin, corresponds by level and content to the 1st year of a programme at ISAO British University. In order to assess an application for transfer, students are required to provide an official certified transcript detailing the study under taken to date with their application.

Postgraduate Students

Entry into our postgraduate Masters’ courses requires an undergraduate / bachelor degree of equivalent standard to the British undergraduate / bachelor degree with a minimum grade equivalent to a British second-class honours.

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LLBLaw 4 years
BScCriminology and criminal justice .3 years
BScPsychology and criminology 3 years
BSc Intelligence and security studies 3 years
BScSecurity and safety control 3 years
B.ScForensic and anti-fraud 3 years
BSc Peace and conflict studies 3 years
B.Sc Political science and defense studies 3 years
BScPolitical science and conflict resolution 3 years
BScPolitical science and diplomacy 3 years
BScSocial justice 3 years
BScPeace and development studies 3 years
BScEnvironment and energy law 3 years
BScPhilosophy and crime detection3 years
BScCivil law 3 years
BScCriminal law 3 years
BScInternational law 3 years
BScSociology and anthropology 3 years
BSc Paralegal studies 3 years
BScInternational dispute resolution 3 years
B.ScLaw enforcement and corrections 3 years
B.ScHealth law 3 years
B.ScProperty law3 years
B.ScLegal investigation and detection 3 years
B.ScHistory and legal governance 3 years
B.ScCommercial law and taxation 3 years
B.ScIndustrial security and safety studies 3 years
B.ScArbitration and legal procedure3 years
B.ScHotel and cultural management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm2. Public 31. 31. 31. relations and advertising management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommMarketing management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHuman resources management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommOffice and information management.3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCooperative economics and management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommGovernment administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSecretarial administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommBanking and finance 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommAccounting and finance 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCooperative and rural development 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommTransport management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLogistics management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommInsurance and actuarial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommInsurance and risk management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPolicy and strategic management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLocal government administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommIndustrial and labour relations 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFilm and video management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEconomics 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHospitality and tourism management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEntrepreneurial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommManagement accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommForensic accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFinancial accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommAuditing3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm56. Forensic economics and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEnvironmental protection resources and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHealth care management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm59. Mass communications and media management3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm60. Policy and administration studies 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLibrary and information management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm62. Population management and administration 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSupply chain and store management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm64. Warehousing and materials management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommProduction and manufacturing management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommProject management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommOil and gas management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLabour and personnel management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCommerce and trade 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFinancial management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommStockbroking management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPurchasing and supply management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommManagement consulting studies 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPublic accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPension administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSecretariat studies and reporting management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPublic diplomacy and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCredit and risk management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm Treasury management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm Cost management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommIndustrial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCompany and commercial accounting3 years
B.Sc/B.CommBenefit and trust management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommMoney market management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCost accounting 3 years
B.Ed Education administration and management 3 years
B.Ed Education economics 3 year
B.Ed Education accounting 3 year
B.Ed Education political science 3 year
B.Ed Education sociology 3 year
B.EdEducation psychology3 year
B.EdEducation marketing 3 year
B.EdEducation business management 3 year
B.EdEducation adult administration3 year
B.EdEducation guardiance and counselling 3 year
B.Eng.Mechanical engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Civil engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Automobile engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Computer engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Computer science 3 year
B.Eng.Agricultural engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Microbiology 3 year
B.Eng.Electrical and electronics engineering 3 year

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