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Modem and phone Configuration browsing Settings for MTN Benin and Moov Benin



The majority of people have difficulty configuring their modem to surf on their laptop; nevertheless, did you know that you can use branded modems to browse on any network? All you need to do is unlock the modem and then configure it with your desired network settings.

You might be questioning why the approach is so lengthy. That is because service providers or vendors encrypt their modems in order for them to work with their Sims. It’s for security reasons.

Let’s get your computer set up to use MTN Benin and Moov Benin.

Follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Click Setting

Step 2 – Click Profile

Step 3 – Click New

Step 4 – Now enter the modem configuration settings.


MTN Benin Modem Settings

Profile Name – MTN Benin

Phone Number – *99#

*User Name – internet

*Password – internet

*APN –

Authentication – CHAP

Then Tick ‘Set as Default’. This will make MTN Benin your preferred settings. Therefore you don’t have to go through this long process again. Then Click ‘OK’

Note that this process is case sensitive; Use small letters only in areas where you see asterisks.


  • Data balance *123*2#.
  • Data plan *123#.
  • Check your MTN Number *663# Or *123*1*1#.
  • Credit balance *104#.
  • To borrow data or credit *785#.
  • Mobile money *126*1#.
  • Portal access service *123# Or *111#.                   

Moov Benin Modem Settings

Profile Name – Moov

Phone Number – *99#

*User Name – moov

*Password – moov

*APN – moov

Authentication – CHAP

Then Tick ‘Set as Default’. This will make ‘Moov’ your preferred setting. Therefore you don’t have to go through this long process again. Then Click ‘OK’

Note that this process is case sensitive; Use small letters only in areas where you see asterisks.


  • Data and credit  balance *133*5#.
  • Check your MOOV Number *124#.
  • MOOV Money *199*4#.
  • To borrow data *121* amount#
  • Call me back *143* number#
  • Credit *106*number#.


  1. Navigate to your router’s configuration page in your browser:

Your router’s setup page can be accessed via a web browser on a computer connected to your network. If you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi because you don’t know the password, you can connect your computer directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. This eliminates the requirement for a Wi-Fi password.,,, or are common Apple router IP. In the address bar of your browser, type this address. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your router to factory default settings by pressing and holding the Reset button for roughly 30 seconds. Then, for your router model, seek up the default address and type it into your browser.

  1. Enter the username and password for your router:

Before you can access the interface of any router, you must first enter a username and password. The default username is “admin” and the password is “admin” or “password” in many cases. Of course, this varies by model, so you should look up your model online to find out what your exact login information is. The default user name and password for most D-Link routers are admin or blank.

If you previously changed the login and have since forgotten it, or if you purchased a used router and the previous owner did not reset it, you will need to press and hold the Reset button on the router for about 30 seconds. This will restore the settings to their original state, allowing you to log in with the default username and password. Beware

3. Enter to the Wireless section:

You’ll need to find the Wireless part of your router’s setup page once you’ve logged in. The actual name varies by manufacturer, but you’re looking for a “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup” tab or button in general.

  1.  Change the password:

Look for the “Password,” “Password,” or “Shared Key” box. In this area, you can type your new password. Some routers will prompt you to retype the password to ensure that it was entered correctly.

Create a strong password that is difficult to guess, if not impossible. It should not contain any personal information and should contain a large number of integers, random cases, and special characters such as “!”, “$,” and “#.” A strong password usually consists of at least 8 characters.

  1. Choose your security type:

Wireless encryption is classified into three types: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. WPA2 should be used for the most secure network. However, you may encounter problems connecting older devices, in which case you should use WPA or WPA/WPA2. WEP encryption is not recommended because it is very easy to break.

6.Save your settings: 

Click the Apply or Save button once you’ve updated your new password. The router will next process the change, disconnecting any devices that are currently connected. After you’ve changed your settings, use your new password to login to your wireless network.



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