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Singapore is a tiny island nation in Southeast Asia that is bordered by both Malaysia and Indonesia. It is situated near the tip of Malaysia. However, despite being a tiny nation with only 6 million inhabitants living on an island that can be traversed in less than 30 minutes from east to west and north to south, Singapore has a surprising number of well-known landmarks and locations that are instantly recognizable and linked to the country.


  In addition to being one of the world’s most densely inhabited cities, Singapore is renowned for having a world-class city airport with a waterfall {Changi Airport} and is renowned for being a popular tourist destination, as well as for its hot, muggy weather, extreme cleanliness, and rapid population growth due to reclaimed land. The city-state is a shopper’s paradise;{Orchard central, Vivo city mall, Raffles city, Knightsbridge mall} aside from the usual luxury brands sold in opulent malls with opulent air conditioning, practically everything may be purchased there, with the exception of chewing gum. Singapore is frequently referred to as “Instant Asia” since it provides travelers with a brief introduction to the Asian cultures that immigrants have brought with them from all across the continent.

    One of Singapore’s most well-known attractions is without a doubt Gardens by the Bay. It is breathtaking to see the lit-up blue, purple, and red Supertrees that served as the inspiration for the film Avatar. At night, they put on a cool light and music show that draws thousands of tourists each day. let me remind you that Singapore is a nation where eating is a sport. Singaporeans and inhabitants like eating, as seen by the abundance of hawker centers and eateries. Going out to eat with others is really popular. It’s a fact that chili crab is one of the most well-known delicacies and a dish that tourists frequently order. 

      Singapore’s nightlife is more than simply a scene; it’s an opportunity for adventure, from secret drinking dens to some of the hottest clubs and bars in the area. The list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars included 12 Singaporean bars. A five-star hotel with three major towers and the highest and largest infinity pool in the world is this city-unmistakable state’s trademark. Anyone visiting Singapore undoubtedly wants to take a picture at the Marina Bay Sands pool, but the entrance is restricted to hotel guests only and is tightly enforced, so you will need to make hotel reservations.

   Malay Bahasa is the official language of Singapore, but few people actually speak it, and English is the language used by the government for official communications. Everyone in the area speaks English as well as their native tongue, which may be Mandarin if they are Chinese, Bahasa if they are Malay, or Tamil if they are Indian. The fact that Singaporeans speak Singlish among themselves is among the funniest features of the city-state. The words from historical ethnic groups, like Chinese Hokkien or Teo-chew, are combined with various English words to create this non-language.

Our tour plan for you includes:

-Return airfare+airport transfer

-Visa(T and C applied)

-7 nights in a 4-star hotel

-Daily breakfast

Our program also includes:

-Singapore villa tour

-Studio Universal

-Conservatories and domes

-Visit the garden by the bay

-Sentosa-Madame Tessauds (combo 4 and 1)

-2 lane cable car ride

-The wings of time

-Travel health insurance 

The price for the tour is 1,580,000 for a reservation call: (229) 67249558

date: 23- 27 October 2022


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