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poma international business universoty
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About PIBU

Poma International Business University (PIBU), formerly known as Poma International Business Academy (PIBA), was established in 2007 as a small institution called the International Entrepreneurship and Management Academy (IEMA) offering entrepreneurship and management courses relevant to the Republic of Benin and foreign business environment.

In 2010, under the leadership of its Chancellor and through the support of corporate organization in recognition of the contributions we were making to entrepreneurship and management development in the country, we moved from a shopping complex to a bigger and wider apartment which contained six classrooms, administrative offices and a library, ICT LAB, Engineering Workshop, Law chamber etc.
PIBU has been recognized by various official government and private accreditors in Republic of Benin and outside the Country.


  • To provide the highest standard of tertiary education with the aim of producing highly employable graduates, versatile entrepreneurs and independent graduates nationally and internationally.
  • To provide high postnatal professional with a guard management and entrepreneurship education which stresses professional ethics and sources to the community through the practice of entrepreneurship and management.
  • To have a positive impact on the professionals and ethical standard of business management in higher Institution of learning.
  • To make intellectual contributions which will support the practice of management & entrepreneurship and also contribute to the advancement of the management disciplines.
  • To create high quality teaching materials.
  • To provide opportunity to students in earring accredited degrees, diplomas and certificates in classroom and through distance learning education from all corners of the world.
  • To provide a solution for students who may otherwise be restricted by geographical location.
  • To enhance literary across the spectrum of living or existence.
  • To engage and prepare leaders for the 21st century and beyond.
  • By producing Professionals and Experts in various fields of endeavors through rigorous, practical and pedagogic training.
  • By maintaining a global educational standards and abiding by international educational best practices.
  • By providing affordable foreign accredited Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees of all levels from internationally approved Colleges,
  • Professional; Bodies and Universities to Africans at their door posts.

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Poma International Business University Vission

  1. To be a leading and undisputable best Business School on the African Sub-Region and beyond.
  2. To be a premier and a best International Business institution offering multi discipline and qualitative education at Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees levels to both local and international students.
  • Core Values
  • Independence
  • Training
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism

Mode of Study

  • Full Time Bachelor Degree – Four Years
  • Part Time & Distance Learning Bachelor Degree – Five Years
  • Full Time Master Degree – Three Semesters
  • Part Time/DL Masters Degree – Four Semesters
  • Full Time Doctoral Degree Programme – Four Years
  • Part Time/DL Doctoral Degree Programme – Six Years
    Assessment based on Class attendance (minimum 70%), coursework and semester-end examinations.

Admission Requirements

• O’ Levelresult (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB) with Five (5) credits (including English and Mathematics) in not more than Two (2) sittings.
• ND/NCE/IJMB transcript (Direct Entry into 200l)
• International Passport (Not compulsory at the moment but necessary before the end of your programme)
• 6 Passport photographs(White background)
• 2 Passport of Parent/Guardian
• Birth Certificate
Note: Candidates with Awaiting Result can also apply provided He/She will get his/her complete result before the end of his/her programme here.

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LLBLaw 4 years
BScCriminology and criminal justice .3 years
BScPsychology and criminology 3 years
BSc Intelligence and security studies 3 years
BScSecurity and safety control 3 years
B.ScForensic and anti-fraud 3 years
BSc Peace and conflict studies 3 years
B.Sc Political science and defense studies 3 years
BScPolitical science and conflict resolution 3 years
BScPolitical science and diplomacy 3 years
BScSocial justice 3 years
BScPeace and development studies 3 years
BScEnvironment and energy law 3 years
BScPhilosophy and crime detection3 years
BScCivil law 3 years
BScCriminal law 3 years
BScInternational law 3 years
BScSociology and anthropology 3 years
BSc Paralegal studies 3 years
BScInternational dispute resolution 3 years
B.ScLaw enforcement and corrections 3 years
B.ScHealth law 3 years
B.ScProperty law3 years
B.ScLegal investigation and detection 3 years
B.ScHistory and legal governance 3 years
B.ScCommercial law and taxation 3 years
B.ScIndustrial security and safety studies 3 years
B.ScArbitration and legal procedure3 years
B.ScHotel and cultural management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm2. Public 31. 31. 31. relations and advertising management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommMarketing management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHuman resources management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommOffice and information management.3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCooperative economics and management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommGovernment administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSecretarial administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommBanking and finance 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommAccounting and finance 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCooperative and rural development 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommTransport management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLogistics management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommInsurance and actuarial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommInsurance and risk management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPolicy and strategic management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLocal government administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommIndustrial and labour relations 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFilm and video management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEconomics 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHospitality and tourism management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEntrepreneurial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommManagement accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommForensic accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFinancial accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommAuditing3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm56. Forensic economics and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommEnvironmental protection resources and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommHealth care management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm59. Mass communications and media management3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm60. Policy and administration studies 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLibrary and information management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm62. Population management and administration 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSupply chain and store management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm64. Warehousing and materials management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommProduction and manufacturing management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommProject management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommOil and gas management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommLabour and personnel management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCommerce and trade 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommFinancial management3 years
B.Sc/B.CommStockbroking management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPurchasing and supply management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommManagement consulting studies 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPublic accounting 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPension administration and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommSecretariat studies and reporting management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommPublic diplomacy and management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCredit and risk management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm Treasury management 3 years
B.Sc/B.Comm Cost management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommIndustrial management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCompany and commercial accounting3 years
B.Sc/B.CommBenefit and trust management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommMoney market management 3 years
B.Sc/B.CommCost accounting 3 years
B.Ed Education administration and management 3 years
B.Ed Education economics 3 year
B.Ed Education accounting 3 year
B.Ed Education political science 3 year
B.Ed Education sociology 3 year
B.EdEducation psychology3 year
B.EdEducation marketing 3 year
B.EdEducation business management 3 year
B.EdEducation adult administration3 year
B.EdEducation guardiance and counselling 3 year
B.Eng.Mechanical engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Civil engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Automobile engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Computer engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Computer science 3 year
B.Eng.Agricultural engineering 3 year
B.Eng.Microbiology 3 year
B.Eng.Electrical and electronics engineering 3 year

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