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This list includes the most popular international and bilingual schools in Benin, including nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools, and so on.

PHONE NUMBER: Phone: (+229) 64 93 11 11 | 60 02 22 22
Oak international school makes use of the British national curriculum and French curriculum. The name of the proprietor is Mrs.Ayodeji Fajemirokun.
Registration procedures:
Admission applications are accepted all year in accordance with the published admission procedure. All applications to the school must be accompanied by previous school reports and/or records, any relevant medical records, a birth certificate, and any other required documents.
The Enrollment Form and other required documents must be submitted with proof of payment of the annual “Registration Fee,” “Health Insurance Fee,” and 10% of the Annual Tuition Fee, which are all non-refundable.
Students in grades 5 through 8 are required to have their own laptop computer for use at school.
The  school is approved by the ministry of education. They cater for creche, nursery, primary and secondary( grade8).  Oak Academies are international, private, boarding/day schools that strive to provide the most appropriate environment, facilities, educational and sports programs.
 Tuition Fee: Approx 300,000 CFa.(secondary)
                       Approx 220,000 CFA (primary/junior secondary)
                       Approx 90,000 CFA(Nursery).
Mission: Our School has very clear aims and values which pervade everything we do and every decision we make.
Our School has very clear aims and values which pervade everything we do and every decision we make.
Vision: At OAK we believe a creative and challenging curriculum can foster the development of a life-long love of learning. By empowering every individual to achieve their own potential they will grow into confident, innovative and skillful leaders of tomorrow ready to shape their own
PHONE NUMBER:21 30 02 48
ADDRESS:992W+G89, Ave Jean-Paul II, Cotonou
The school is a private school located at Cotonou, Benin republic. Founded in the year 2000. It provides qualitative world class education. It is managed by the embassy of Nigeria.
The Nigeria International School was founded in 1980 as a primary school to provide children of Nigerian residents in Cotonou with educational opportunities comparable to those available in Nigeria. In September 1996, the Secondary School section was established. The school is co-educational and aims to provide a high-quality, well-rounded education at both the primary and secondary school levels.
The curriculum is guided by the Nigerian National Policy on Education.  At both the junior secondary school and senior secondary school levels students offer subjects in the sciences, arts, commerce, vocational, social sciences and technology.
Examinations offered by the school.
Internal:  Evaluation is based on continuous assessment (CA) effected through regular class exercises, assignments, projects, tests and end-of-term examinations.
External Examinations:
The school prepares students, at the secondary school level, for the Junior secondary certificate examination (JSCE) organised by the National Examinations Council (NECO) Nigeria, and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) organised by both NECO and WAEC  (West Africa Examinations Council).
Sports & Games
The school places great importance on sports and games.  The school has a standard s sports complex.  Pupils/students participate in soccer, basketball, handball, volley ball etc.
Boarding House Facilities
The school runs a boarding house system for male and female student.  There are hostel staff/workers that see to the day-to-day running, cleaning and general maintenance of the boarding houses.
Admission begins in July of each year, and the start of a new academic year is in September.
Tuition Fee: Approx 200,000 CFA.(Secondary)
                      Approx 140,000 CFA ( primary/junior secondary)
                      Approx 100,000 CFA (Nursery).
 The school’s fees are really modest. Tuition, registration, uniforms, medical, PTA levy, I.D. card, Report Booklet, and boarding are all included. Payment can be made at the start of each school term or session, but it is preferable to make it well in advance of the day of resumption.
Application Method:
Admission forms are only available at the under listed Examination Centers for N5,000.00 (three thousand naira) or 15,000 CFA (ten thousand CFA).
Phone number :66 62 12 46
Address: Camp Guezo, Lot #126 & #127, Zone Residentielle de la radio, Cotonou
Admission process:
Online application form
– Submit a copy of student passport and/or birth certificate
– Provide 1 passport-sized photo of students and parents
– Provide previous school records
The director of QSI international school is gregory sedmark.
-Previous experience with English
-Must pass in English and math on the entrance exam given by the school.
-laptop .
Tuition Fee: approx 200.000 CFA( secondary).
                     Approx 100.000 CFA(primary)
                      Approx 80.000 CFA(nursery
Phone number: +229 9797463
address : Carre` 1684, AKPAKPA, Cotonou, Republic Of Benin, West Africa
CBSE Affiliation Id / Code of Indian International School,, REPUBLIC OF BENIN is Seven Million Eight Hundred Thirty Thousand One (7830001).
The principal’s name is Mrs. Nishu Katyal. It has been in existence for over 13 yrs now.
Admission process: Enquiry information : you will receive instruction to complete our admission process.  Then he or she will apply and submit with the application fee.
Phone number:96 68 81 21
Address: Agonkamè
Trinity Schools, Benin Republic was established on 11th September, 2006 by Dr. Cynthia N. Lawrence Chukweneme. It started at Midombo, a suburb of Cotonou in Benin Republic. Its Headquarters is situated at Irede, also a suburb of Cotonou in Benin Republic and now it has eight (8) branches in Benin Republic and one in Abuja, Nigeria…….(as at the date of this publication).
Trinity Montessori school is a broad school located in different places.
Tuition Fee : Approx 250,000 CFA( secondary ).
                       Approx 150,000 CFA (primary/junior secondary)
                       Approx 90,000 CFA ( Nursery)
Admission is Open to All Nationalities
 Acquire the British, Nigeria and Benin Certificate at the same study-duration. They learn, write and speak both English and french fluently. They  adopt the Montessori and Froebel methods of education to get our pupils/students developed. The school have furnished hostel accommodation for distant pupils/students.
Preparing children from different nationalities in academics and character, using the Montessori method to acquire quality Nigeria, France and Britain certificates in the same study duration in order to become relevant excellent leaders in any part of the world.
To provide purposeful and constructive curricula that use the Montessori philosophy tailored to focus on the individual personalities of children at different ages to produce God-fearing, independent, innovative, highly skilled and bilingual individuals.
Phone number: 123 123 1234
Cotonou international school is a full bilingual school which runs both Nigeria and Cotonou. Is an English international school private co educational day school in Cotonou it started in the year 2000.
Cotonou International schools goal is to make it easy for people to live in harmony with nature and to become more free and self-sufficient, while at the same time being more connected to and interdependent with, the people in their local communities. Strong resilient communities that are diverse and aware are the places we want to live.
Phone number: 97221918
Address: carrefour Dekagon, Terrain sobotex, Dekagon Terrain Sobotex, Cotonou. ( Sème kpodji).
Email: abundance private
Abundance private school offers crèche, Nursery, primary and secondary services to students. They are committed to the total development of your child through a combination of in class and other extra curricular activities.
Arete is a Greek word which means “excellence of any kind”. The term may also mean “moral virtue”. It is the act of “being the best one can be” or “living up to one’s full potential”. Boys and girls of ‘Arete’ are persons of the highest effectiveness. They use all their faculties: strength, bravery and perseverance to achieve Godly results. Arete is habitual excellence that is practiced at all times.
This motto embodies our utmost aim for your child at APS. We work hard everyday via in-class and several extra-curricular activities and programs to inculcate this mindset (habitual drive for excellence) in them.
Abundance Private School is an institution of learning in Cotonou offering Creche, nursery, primary and secondary education. We aim to prepare students to excel as leaders by combining different curricula to create an age appropriate curriculum for tomorrows child.
We help our kids develop a strong sense of self-esteem, one based on self-awareness, an appreciation of one’s ability and place in the world. They are equipped for work via programs as entrepreneurship education, computer programming, etc.
We also offer after school care, provide boarding facilities, and transport services for our students.
Phone number: +229 97295024
Email: www.daysptingintlschoolscotonou.
Website: Benin.
A private schools and member of bilingual schools in Benin Republic, Cotonou. DISC ( short for DaySpring International schools, cotonou). To create knowledge and restore the dignity of the African.
To become a model first and second cycle educational institution by the year 2020 providing an international balanced curriculum that educates students from diverse backgrounds to become effective future leaders.
We provide basic quality education that develops future leaders.
Phone number: +229 99081020
Address: kpondehou
Zenith international  was founded in the year 2009 formally known as kiddies world. The school vision is to build a total child.
Requirement: previous certificate and photo passport.
Tuition Fee: Approx 90.000 cfa(secondary school)
                      Approx 60.000 cfa( primary)
                      Approx 35.000 cfa( Nursery)
 Phone number:68 97 90 21
address: Carre 138 Boulangerie Sodja teme Santoria Akpakpa,Cotonou
It is a private institution established in the year 11th of january 2016. There mission is to impact and build leaders of tomorrow.
Tuition fee: Approx 100,000 CFA(secondary school)
                     Approx 70.000 CFA( Primary/ Junior Secondary school)
                     Approx 50,000 CFA(Nursery)
Requirement: There previous certificate, birth certificate with there photo passport.

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