You are currently viewing 7 Most Spectacular Tourist Attraction Sites in Cotonou, Benin Republic

7 Most Spectacular Tourist Attraction Sites in Cotonou, Benin Republic

7 Most Spectacular Tourist Attraction Sites in Cotonou, Benin Republic

1. Cotonou Fetish Market –

The market display wares, a variety of animal remains! Many specifically sold for the voodoo (Vodun Festivals) observed by the majority of its citizens who practice the religion in case you don’t already know Benin republic is the home and origin of voodoo. This market serves as tourist attraction

cotonou fetsi market, photo of animal significant for voodoo
cotonou fetsi market, photo of animal remains sold at Vodun Festivals


2. The Pendjari National Park – 

This 275,000-hectare national park is the wildlife park par excellence in this part of West Africa. Containing the largest population of elephants in West Africa as well as endangered species. It is widely reputed to be in the top 3 of the last sanctuaries of wildlife in West Africa.

the-pendjari-national-park, Cotoou, Benin Republic

3. The Cotonou Littoral Monument


4. Cotonou Craft Market

is another tourist attraction of the city. On display are many crafted souvenirs and household decor items usually patronized by locals and tourist.

Cotonou craft market, tourist sites in cotonou
Cotonou craft market


5. The Royal Palace of Abomey

is one tourist site that every visitor to the coastal town is encouraged to visit at least once.

the Royal Palace of Abomey of benin republic
Royal Palace of Abomey


6. Another major tourist attraction is the Dantokpa Market,

the largest local market in West Africa, notable for its souvenirs and beautiful African prints fabrics.  Anything anyone is in search of can easily be found in this market. The market is located by a lagoon and the St. Michel Boulevard. It’s about 20 acres and it’s easy to get lost inside

dantokpa-market tourist site in cotonou, largest market in africa

6. The  National Park, of Benin republic, Niger and Burkina

the w national park, of Benin republic

W National ParkThe W National Park or W regional park was created in August 1954 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The park is jointly governed through the governments of Niger, Benin republic, and Burkina Faso because the park runs via the three international locations. It is called “w” national or Regional Park because it works itself through River Niger inside the shape of “W”.

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