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Hey lovelies, you reading another Article by BIO with Thysiamore, girl I just love you, and I want to make; you look good and healthy inside out. So, stay with me.

 Today we are going to be talking about how to look expensive on a budget.

Keep your outfit simple, that is what brings out your flamboyance.  

Now, ladies you want to keep your outfit as simple as possible because this is what actually brings out the elegance in it, you know like the popular saying ‘More is Less’, this is true in this case, when you put on a simple yet fitting outfit you look absolutely expensive because you have everything put together in style. Popular brands also adopt this method when making their clothes, they make it simple yet very attractive and wanted by everyone who lays their eyes on them.

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Be flattering, ensure your cloth suits your body shape:  

This is very important and cannot be overemphasized.  One of the ways you can look expensive on a budget is when you buy clothes that suit your body shape, no matter how cheap it is. Yes, honey, you heard right, even if it was bought oversize get a good tailor to fit it to your body size and shape. Taking this step is a game-changer to your style.

Invest in your grooming.

Talking about makeup, nails, body, etc. Yes, sis for you to look elegant and expensive, makeup has to be on point, simple yet classic and beautiful, so you need to invest in pretty good makeup products, have your hair done regularly, even if you don’t have enough money yet to buy really expensive hair or wigs, there are a lot of elegant cheap protective hairstyles you can adopt that will still do the job.  Invest some time to get your nails done, do some pedicure and manicure treatment often, ensure you clean your ears often, invest in some cheap really nice fragrance body spray, your spray tells to an extent who you are, so invest in them.

Be clever with your body shopping.  

Now, this is a bit though I know, especially when you walk into that beauty boutique and it seems like everything in there is just lying in wait for your money. But you have to watch what you spend on, don’t buy really color clothes which are so catchy that you can’t re-wear because it probably has been documented, photos on social media and all that stuff, I personally love nudes and colors that are not so catchy because actually that’s where elegance cones from, do me a favor and check top celebrities you love their dresses, they always come out with this nude that is so stunning and re-wearable so you want to think twice before spending your money on things you do not need at the moment or may not be able to wear.

Choose expensive-looking colors:

as I said in the previous point, choose expensive-looking colors, like nudes, whites, blacks, creams, beige, etc. you can never go wrong with these colors, also you can wear a complete match of these colors, for example, you can wear all cream from head to toe, including bags and shoes, or all white, etc., so choose expensive-looking colors.

Add statement pieces

like handbags, sunglasses, a hat, wristwatch jewelry, shoes, etc. these are very necessary, they complete a great and elegant look.

Shop pre-owned.

If you do not have a lot of money to invest in new colors, you can actually shop pre owned, most of these are very affordable, fashionable, very elegant, and re-wearable most of the time. And they have quite great colors that come with them which are definitely a must-have, in your wardrobe.

Find the right combination.

Yes, sis, don’t go on combining colors, or accessories that do not flow with each other or match your shapes or skin tone in the name of a new trend, it will only make you look weird, you want to combine colors accurately.  Create a color pallet for your self-containing your favorite colors, and work with this pallet from time to time depending on your mood.

Know where to spend.

Know what things you need the most and things you don’t need, invest in important things you need at the particular time you need them. Remember do not buy accessories you won’t be able to re-use.

Copy expensive-looking people, get inspired by them.

Follow people that inspire you, follow their way of dressing, but remember you do not have to break the bank to do this, get what’s important for you, and build up gradually over time.

I hope this helped you improve a better fashion life.

Beauty inside out (BIO) with Thysiamore.




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