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Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa:

Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa:

Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa: 

Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa:


For ages, Education and Schooling have been two major contradicting words that have been creating platforms for a question like…he didn’t go to school but he’s the boss to those that did, how come?
The average African mentality makes schooling seem like the major definition of Education and to those that rebel against the school factor, they fail to admit themselves as being educated. What then is the difference between these two words?

Education as a term is the act of being enlightened on new things, it is the acquisition of knowledge of any kind. Education can be gotten in diverse forms and can be streamlined into formal or informal models.
Schooling can be classified into the formal education where one gets to be taught in an enclosure of the classroom, get to be examined by teachers, go through the competition of being better than classmates, and finally being rewarded with results to earn the required promotion.

Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa:

On the other hand, informal education is that gotten from anywhere! it could be skill acquisition, self-development training, or even sportsmanship. This form of Education has for many years been underrated by many, specifically in Africa.
What makes a person outstanding among others is the knowledge he bears, be it from school, or anywhere. Therefore, as long as a man is involved in what gives him additional knowledge or skill, such a person is regarded as being educated.

Reason for the Campaign (#foreducation)

Judging from examples of successful men like Bill Gates, Zukerberg, Jacque Mal, and many more! the quest for being a successful person is not limited to schooling but the act of knowledge and skills acquisition.
Statistically, over 10,000,000 youths across Africa are battling with depression as a result of their inability to be in school just because they feel it is the only way! for them to be regarded as persons of value in society or as a prerequisite for them to earn the title of one who is Educated.
Year in year out, records of persons applying for school keeps increasing! and the society keeps preaching schooling as the only way of being Educated.

Stand Up for Education | The future of Africa:

*What if our youths are told that Education doesn’t have to do with the school alone?
What if those with outstanding talents get equivalent rewards as those in school?
What if skills are respected as much as certificates from schools?
Why aren’t our youths trained on how to create jobs instead of learning to get jobs?
These and many more questions serve as the main reason behind the #foreducation campaign.
African youths specifically are to be enlightened on the need to focus on personal development projects! skill acquisition, and things that’ll encourage the quest for innovation.

This campaign is also to serve as a challenge and a clarion call to those who have in one way or the other benefited from their personal efforts of getting educated from different means to speak up from their experiences as an encouragement to young inquisitive Africans who desire to be outstanding.
Let’s all join hands in eradicating the notion of feeling inferior due to the inability to be in school.
We need a collective explanation of what schooling really means! and its effect on society while we also explain the need for Education in societal building or national development.

Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Education on Africa:

This analysis is accurately gotten from OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and Wikipedia as a prove of Education’s effects on the African community and also to depict its future impact on the development of the continent.

The future of Africa:

The huge expectation from this campaign on #forEducation is for a paradigm shift in the tragic present situation of the effect of Education and Schooling on the average African Youth.
This campaign is to serve as a tool to explain why the amount of skilled and Educated people should replace that of school seekers and dropouts. Innovations are found and implemented by those enlightened on specific skills and information.
The schooling system in Africa has gotten so used to the repetition of things that seem so outdated in the present world, thereby! leaving youths in the dark towards the right exposure for the needed transformation in the continent.
We aim at correcting this motion to ensure growth in how exposed our youths are in regards to skill acquisition and self-development.



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