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Online Masters Degree Program In Benin Republic

Published June 16, 2018 in Academy , University - 0 Comments
Earn Your Masters Degree Online
earn your masters online
study for your masters




Master’s degree program should not deter you from going about your daily routine. You shouldn’t have to get stuck in a class room and sit through endless boring lectures. Seeing as the program is full of thesis, an online program is the best choice for you as its flexibility is 100% favorable.
The online program may seem relatively new, but years of research has proven that online education is more effective than the traditional education.


Studying of Masters is a thing of choice for different persons. For those that will like the experience of sitting in a class and receiving instructions from a supervisor and those that given education leave from their organization there is an on campus programme for you to come and study.

Let us share with you some awesome advantages of studying online

  1. Location won’t be an issue for you. You won’t have to travel far distances just to get your master’s degree. you get to save more.
  2. Enjoy all the flexibility you can ask for! You are allowed to have your classes at your own pace with no pressure.
  3. There is always easy admission for online degree program.
  4. 100% feed back is guaranteed as there’ll be a constant feedback from tutors and supervisors, in other to keep you focused.

Why Gain a Masters from Leadpreneur

We are the number one online and offline Academy rendering educational services, we partner with over 12 top accredited Universities in the Benin Republic in Management and social science for our Masters Degree.




  • An A’ Level Certificate (a Degree, HND or PGD) with 2:2, Lower credit, or Pass respectively and above.
  • Transcript of the A’Level result.
  • Copy of International Passport data page.
  • A copy of CV.


Studying for a Masters Degree in Leadpreneur Academy online or on campus takes only 1 year to complete including the Thesis and semesters. There are two semesters and a summer for the Thesis.

Who Can Study Masters?

A master’s degree is an academic qualification granted at the postgraduate level to individuals who have successfully undergone study demonstrating a high level of expertise in a specific field of study or area of professional practice. This programme can be taken by a student with a Degree or Higher Diploma or their equivalent.


Country of Study

Benin Republic is the country where the Masters Degree will be obtained from. A country filled with numerous Universities and are keen to knowledge. The country citizens are very good and are welcoming.

What are you waiting for?
Apply for a Masters Degree Now!


Online Masters degree program in Benin Republic | Masters Application Form

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Online Masters degree program Benin Republic

Online Masters Degree Program in Benin Republic

Online Masters degree program in Benin Republic


Study for your masters degree online and offline in Benin Republic from Top Accredited Universities.

Register for one of the programs from a reputable Universities.

List of courses available

  1. Brand management
  2. Criminology and security studies
  3. Health information management
  4. Telecommunication and networking
  5. Psychology
  6. Social work
  7. Commercial management
  8. Event management
  9. Information management
  10. Industrial management
  11. Operational management
  12. Safety management
  13. Transportation management
  14. Leadership management
  15. Conflict, peace and security studies
  16. Human security and counter terrorism
  17. Peace and environmental studies
  18. Conflict management and department studies
  19. Management
  20. Purchasing management
  21. Cooperate management
  22. Data science
  23. Information system
  24. Computer science
  25. Wireless communication
  26. Security
  27. Robotics
  28. Development studies
  29. Political sciences
  30. Peace studies and conflict resolution
  31. Conflict, peace and strategic studies
  32. Sociology
  33. Business
  34. Business management
  35. Commerce
  36. Consultancy
  37. Customers relations
  38. E-business
  39. E-commerce
  40. Entrepreneurship
  41. Innovation
  42. International business
  43. International trade
  44. Organization
  45. Real estate
  46. Accountancy
  47. Auditing
  48. Banking
  49. Economics
  50. Insurance
  51. Investment
  52. Statistics
  53. Adult education
  54. Curriculum
  55. Early childhood education
  56. Education leadership
  57. Educational practice
  58. Education technology
  59. Elementary education
  60. General education
  61. Higher education
  62. Transport and Logistics
  63. International education
  64. Learning system
  65. School counseling
  66. Special education

To apply for any one of these courses fill the form below

  • PART A: Personal Information

  • PART B: Educational Background: High School to present.


Online Masters degree program in Benin Republic


Most universities in Benin Republic offer admission 3 times a year; September, January, and June. The Universities run academic sessions in semesters; in other words, 3 semesters make a session. Each semester is about 3 months or 15 weeks.


The first semester is September and marks the beginning of a new session. This is the period when the school officially begins a fresh session, new students are admitted and old ones move to the next level. Application and Admission begin earlier, around July/August. Admission still continues even till September/October. The semester runs till December when students take a 2-3 weeks break and resume January.


The Second semester is January. New students are also admitted in this semester. The semester runs for about 3 months. Around May the students go for a longer break which could last for 1-4 months.

Students who began from the first semester will go for a longer break while students who joined during the second semester will go for a shorter break and resume


The Summer semester is the third and final semester in an academic year and varies slightly from school to school. The semester begins around June through till early September. Studying in the summer semester is optional for most students. However, students who enroll for the summer semester are those who missed either the first or second semester and want to make up for it.

New students are also enrolled in this semester. Classes contain the same amount of material and are more focused and intense and students have to cover up for previous semesters. In this semester, students have to work smart and intensively.

Most students like to go on vacation during the summer break while some prefer to stay back in school and study professional courses and more. Taking summer classes helps some students “stay in the mode” of studying. It helps them maintain a routine of learning and studying throughout the summer. It may also help them retain information from the previous semester that they will need in the following semester.


To begin studying in Benin Republic, there are entry requirements you will have to meet. These requirements are basic ones and have been grouped according to level programs. That is for B.SC, Transfer, Masters, Top-Up, and Ph.D.

As a prospective student of Benin Republic, knowing an estimate of the amount involved in studying here is necessary. English Universities in Benin Republic are private. The Tuition Fee is more affordable compared to private universities in Nigeria. The first fee to be paid is … find out more


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Online Masters degree program in Benin Republic
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