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nysc update:” what you must know before going for nysc service



As a prospective corps member that has successfully done registration and has received the call off letter and ready to head for NYSC camp where you are posted to. There some requirements you will not want to miss to have a successful and comfortable camping. the NYSC camp requirements include what you will need for screening and to have a comfortable 21 days in camp.

The NYSC CAMP Requirements are:

  1. Authentic Student ID Card – (Original and photocopies)
  2. Certificate /Statement of Result from your School (Original and 6 Photocopies). If you are a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or an Optometrist, you will be expected to carry along original of your registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman ship or internship.
  3. NYSC Call-up letter (Original and 8 photocopies)
  4. Recent Passport Photographs – WHITE BACKGROUND (24 copies)
  5. Compulsory medical certificate from a government or military hospital, showing health status.

With all these documents available you will finish your screening and collection of camp materials.

corps members

Corps members on parade ground

But for u to be comfortable and enjoy your stay in the camp you will need the following:

  1. 7 ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS : This is an essential outfit worn every day in camp throughout your 3 weeks
  2. 7 WHITE SHORTS: NYSC would give 2 pairs of shorts, but you may need extra 4 pairs so as not to be stranded because you wouldn’t be able to wash daily.
  3. 3 PLAIN WHITE TENNIS SHOES/ 7 WHITE SOCKS: It’s advisable you get one pair of rubber to save yourself from stress alongside leather tennis shoes.
  4. CEREALS/PROVISIONS: Essential for those who would not like NYSC camp food with cup, plate, water bottle (useful on parade ground or long hours lectures)
  5. TOILETRIES: antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, this is essential to keep you from infections and skin reactions.
  6. MOSQUITO NET: Take along with a rope to tie it to your bunk to avoid malaria.
  7. CASH: At least 25,000 with your ATM card. There are many other things that take up money in camp like food, charging of phones, e.t.c
  8. WAIST POUCH: This is very essential. It serves as your bank and locker for important items. Things like phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards kept in there.
  9. TORCHLIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: In preparation for morning drills at 5am and at night after lights out, you will need them.
  10. PADLOCKS: please lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets. People have lost their things to thieves due to carelessness.


: bed sheets, Pillow Cases, Pillow, Power bank, pain relief drugs, antibiotics… etc.

Make sure you avoid going with:

Laptops: it will be seized.

Cutlleries: such as spoon, knife etc. these are not allowed in camp

Cars: you will not be allowed to park inside the camp.

With these materials, you will certainly enjoy your stay in NYSC camp, and also meet with some good friends. Don’t go and be a nerd.

Happy camping.

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