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A BMW with all the bells and whistles.

Who wouldn’t desire that? Mirrors that adapt as you reverse, headlights that clean themselves, or ventilation that turns on before you even get in. You don’t need to buy the latest BMW to have your car do everything for you, as it turns out! You don’t even need to install anything because most of them are already built into your BMW! 

Your E and F-Series vehicles come standard with a number of convenience features that will make driving much more enjoyable. Do you want to learn more about them? I’ll show you 5 comfort features hidden inside your BMW and show you how to activate them. 


Normally, each driver adjusts his or her mirrors manually, but did you know that they can be controlled automatically? Although tilting the mirrors backward is a common technique, some of you may not know how to do it. 

When you move into reverse, the same switch that switches from the passenger’s side mirror to the driver’s side mirror may also allow you to automatically adjust both mirrors. All you have to do is hold the left-hand switch while shifting the vehicle backward. The mirrors will automatically dip to allow you to see the ground behind you. This is very useful while parallel parking. 


The gloomy weather doesn’t help you stay cheery, nor does it help you keep your BMW clean 😉 And everyone understands how critical it is to have bright headlights in low-light situations. 

Fortunately, cleaning your headlights without traveling to the car wash is straightforward. If your BMW  has rhomboid cutouts under the headlights, it signifies it has a headlight cleaning system, which may give your car’s cluttered front a wash. 

To activate the sprayers, first, turn on your lights, then press and hold the turn lever in the desired direction two or three times, depending on your vehicle. While the E60, E90, and E92 require two pulls,  the F3x and F9x may require three. 

Turning On/Off BMW Pathway Lighting 

This lighting feature will always guide your home. Let’s say you just got back to your house, it’s very late at night and there’s no light around you whatsoever to show you the way to your door. What can you do to light up the path? BMW Pathway Lighting is here to help out.

It uses the headlights to provide visibility when exiting the vehicle for around 30 seconds, after which they turn off on their own. To switch the home lights on, you have to work the headlight lever manually. 

  1. Once you park, pull the headlight lever once. 
  2. Exit and lock your vehicle. 
  3. Your home lights will illuminate for 30 seconds or any other set time if activated in iDrive. 

Smarter BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant 

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is a computerized companion that, at least in principle, makes communicating with the car easier. You may tell the car to unlock the doors or turn on some driver assistance systems by using voice commands. The system can now take commands from passengers in the back for the first time. To confirm that the proper command has been performed, an instant text display shows beneath the Intelligent Personal Assistant graphic. The voice assistant can be converted into 20 other symbols, including an “Expressive” animation with eerie eyes. The new personal assistant is linked with the Interaction Bar, emphasizing the visual link between the automobile, its different systems, and the driver once more. 

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Rear Door Digital Control Units 

Traditionally, car doors have not been used as a venue for integrated touchscreens. They’re more likely to suffer wear, tear, and damage over time because they’re moveable pieces of a car. Despite this, BMW  has included a 5.5-inch color touchscreen in each rear door. Rear-seat passengers can adjust audio, seat,  lighting, and climate control settings with each digital control device. Despite their apparent fragility,  BMW claims that these cool-looking screens have been built to survive the rigors of daily use. We’ll check again in five or more years to see if this is still the case.


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