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Beninfo 247 international award of recognition

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BENINFO247 2018 AWARD OF RECOGNITION. It is natural that one gets rewarded for every good deed. Beninfo247 stands strong today, all thanks to her partners, sponsors, and well-wishers.  The organization’s vision to provide every youth in Africa with the opportunity to have standard Education, and also to equip them with skill acquisition programs in other to further prepare them for what life has in store for them, has been made a reality by the joint effort of the organization’s stakeholders ie, politicians, businessmen, academics, entrepreneurs and influencers of national growth development.  

Beninfo247 award event themed “Education; Passport to reach the world” was successfully held at Fitheb Hall, Gahinto, Cotonou, Benin Republic. The hall was populated with important personalities like politicians from Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, businessmen, including students who gained admission into the top universities in the Republic of Benin on the scholarship scheme. 

“It’s a common knowledge that Education really is the passport to reach the world and we also know that education is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Education is not just about what we know, but about how we put to good use, what we know”. The CEO of beninfo247 mentioned this in his speech as he talked about education and its usefulness to the youths of Africa and the society at large. He said “With over 10,000 reach on a daily basis across all Beninfo247platforms, the organization has decided to play a role in supporting the growth of education in Africa. The scholarship opportunity that is being given by the sponsors will be a major life changer for the youths. With this program in place, there are I.T placement, leadership training, skills acquisition programs, etc. These will help expose our youths to the many opportunities all over the world. He enjoined everyone to not forget that the sole purpose of the event is to solve the issue of lack of education that is eating into the depth of Africa, because it’s his belief that if every youth is given the opportunity to get a standard education, Africa will be better than it already is”.

CEO BENINFO247 giving his speech.

Mr. Alex Balogun who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of VIP World – an organization promoting personal development, leadership development, and entrepreneurship, with the vision to raise exceptional leaders among children and youth across Africa. He is a life transformational coach and progress strategist. Mr Alex gave everyone something to think about with his impactful speech on the difference between Education and Academics. Please click on the link below to watch the video clip of Mr. Alex giving his speech

Mr. Alex Balogun giving a speech
Mr. Alex Balogun founder of VIP World.

Among these great men were many others as well. The event ended on a very good note with sessions of pictures with all of the awardees, partners, and invited guests of the event. it was a huge success. Below are some pictures of the event.

Mr Mathew, Mr Henry, Ms Sarah Codjo, Perlicious.
CEO of Perlicious and friend
Award been presented by the CEO of Beninfo247
Students that qualified for the scholarship scheme through Beninfo 247 and the registrar of West African union university, Benin Republic.

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