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7 Things you need to do to have a Perfect Summer.

The Perfect Summer fit by Thysiamore Empire

There has never been a better summer like this one! You wanna know why? Then keep scrolling sis. Winks!

There has never been a better summer like this one you are about to experience.  How’s that possible you may ask?  It is because quite some preparatory steps to summer that you haven’t taken which you may not know, or already know but just ignoring.  These steps have the ability to determine whether you are gonna have a great summer season or not, aside from just going to have some coconut water and chilling on the beach. So keep scrolling if you want this summer to be “The one to remember”.

Okay, party people, so let’s talk about 7 things you need to do to prepare for summer, and also go through summer leaving you healthy, glowing, and with great skin.

Clear out your Beauty products from Previous Season

The first thing you want to do is CLEAR OUT YOUR BEAUTY SHELF, you have to go through all your beauty products to know which products are best for summer and which is not, because you do not want to use winter products or makeup for summer, it’s not going to work out, it’s gonna live your skin damaged to an extent, am talking about large pores, acne, pimples, etc. for summer, you need skincare and makeup up products that are light and sheer on your skin, little or no makeup, sunscreen protection cream, so you don’t want to go around using a Full Coverage Foundation during summertime, or packing in a lot of powder, or some very severe heat enhancement cream which you have used for the winter season.

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Keep your hair healthy and clean always

The second thing you want to do is KEEP YOUR HAIR HEALTHY. Get some deep conditioning cream or mask for your hair, and moisturize with coconut oil often to get rid of dead hair follicles you may have and protect your hair from sea salt and chlorine damage from water.

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Keep Scrolling!

Exfoliate Skin often


dead skin is real honey, and you don’t need them for summer, you wanna chase them out.  Over time our skin needs some kind of rejuvenation, to help preserve healthy skin, and allow skincare to penetrate into our skin.  A very simple yet effective way of exfoliating your skin is scrubbing, this helps take out dead skin, helps blood flow within your skin glands, and promotes healthy skin.  You also want to exfoliate using some products, and my advice on that is using home products to exfoliate for example: using a coffee scrub is great for exfoliating and very affordable.

Recipe: Oily skin

Two tablespoons of raw coffee

2 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon baking soda (optional) Mix ingredients together and scrub you face twice a week, and your body 3 times a week

 Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil if you Dry or combination skin, quit coconut oil if you notice you are breaking out. Do this in the mornings.

Take out all unwanted body Hairs


you really want to do this especially if you will be wearing a bikini, or bodysuit to the beach.

So back to taking out unwanted hair, areas you may want to take out hair is, your legs, bikini line, underarm, belly, and chest hair.  Using a hair shaver is good, but if you want to keep the hairs out longer, then you may want to

Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder (Indian spice) available in your local spice store.

2 tablespoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon rose water

1 teaspoon of lemon/ 1 tablespoon lime.

Mix ingredients together apply to the areas you want to take out the hair (apart from the bikini or vaginal area) apply with a brush, leave for about 30 mins and wipe out with a towel. For your vaginal area, you may want to do some Brazilian waxing.

Check Your Feet


It’s gonna look really awkward if you wear boots during summer, because of the cracked foot, and you cannot ignore your feet during summer, because you wanna be free virtually all the time.  If you notice you have cracked feet, do some sugar and coffee scrub mixed with some honey.  Afterward, before you go to bed at night apply some Vaseline mixed with coconut oil on the affected area, wear some socks and then go to bed, take out the socks in the morning, repeat this step for the next 7 days and see the results.  Also, get some good manicure done.

Get the Glow


How do you get glowy natural skin for Summer?

1 you have to eat your waters honey.

Eating fruits and vegetables with lots of water helps you get glowy skin naturally. Fruits like, GRAPES, TOMATOES, STRAWBERRY, APPLES, ORANGES, WATERLEMON, SPINACH LEAVES, PINEAPPLES, and BANANA too for the most, you also need to drink a lot of water.

2. Exfoliate.

3. Get a light sunscreen glow oil. Dm me for recommendations that are very affordable, on Instagram @thysiamore_empire, or +22963616058.

Detox often


Girl before you end up feeling lazy to have some summer fun, you need to detox., yea you heard right, D…. TOCKS. Now you can detox with some green tea mixed with mint, or just get some vegetables, and some natural hand made fruit juice, ensure your tea doesn’t have too much caffeine in them, and you are good to go.


Wear Light Makeup


Do not dare girl, I mean do not dare slam some heavy glam makeup during summer, or while going to the beach, you are literally just gonna ruin you life just by doing that trust me, make sure to purchase some lightweight nonoily makeup products from your beauty supply store, avoid wearing too many concealers, and keep the lip really light weight so you don’t spill some lip stain on the coconut water straw.

Few things to take along while going to the beach:

  • A beach crochet bag which should contain
  • Somebody oil
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Under-eye cream (optional)
  • Hand towel/napkin
  • Beach clothes and beach hats
  • A pair of your favorite king of slippers.
  • Sunglasses
  • Your favorite magazine/ audiobooks
  • And some snacks.


So you are too shy to wear a bikini to the beach? Great I can help you with that.

Put on your favorite white, or any color sleeveless, which you can knot to one side. get your favorite scarf, put on your favorite comfortable bumper short, tie the scarf over on one side and form a wrap on the order side, bundle your hair together with some hair holder, put on your favorite slipper, and your beach bag, and a hat and get on sis.

Or click the link below to purchase our summer collection, which is not a bikini and is highly multipurpose.

I hope this article was helpful, pls leave your comments and thoughts on this article, and tell us what works best for you.



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