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Written by Thysiamore Empire


How to get rid of your Acne & Skin problems using only Oatmeal.

Do you wanna get rid of your acne fast, then this article is for you, keep scrolling.

Acne is a general problem faced by a lot of people, it occurs in different seasons due to different factors, in this article today, we are going to be talking about a ‘HOLY GRILL’ ingredient to get rid of acne, and guess what, its probably siting in your kitchen cabinet right now.


OAT MEAL!  Yes, honey you probably didn’t know this was an anti-acne treatment right, well oat meal is a good moisturizer, its anti-inflammatory, and has skin lightening effect, it is also great for people with face scars, rosacea, inching, irritating uneven, sensitive and dry skin. Oat meal can be used as both mask and cleanser.

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How to Apply:

Take a portion of oatmeal, without sugar into your palm, apply Luke warm, water on it, ensure the water soaks In, and you don’t waste the milk extract from it, use the soaked oat meal to scrub your face for about 5 mins massaging it into your skin, wash with Luke warm water after wards, and add some good amount of moisturizer.

Make this an every morning routine and you will see great improvement in your skin.

I hope this helps you greatly, pls leave a comment in the comment section on how this worked for you, click the link below to watch a live demo of this treatment, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Its BIO (Beauty Inside Out with Thysiamore).

Thank you and God bless.

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