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Teaching a child how to read and write
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Every Parent wants their child to be intelligent and well-doing but how can this be? if we don’t invest in the child and make the necessary efforts to make the light inside of them shine forth, Here are some concept of how to teach your child how to read and write in the Benin Republic and other countries.

A parent can help their children improve their learning skills, develop strong reading skills and writing skills, How can a parent teach a child to read and write, It’s simple, first, Be excited while teaching your child second, It is never too early for a child to start reading and writing, Infants reading has even been demonstrated to lead to early brain development and improves language and the social knowledge of a child so make it an environment for reading and with consistent learning, he will develop his reading skills and this will help place him on top of his class.


Parents’ perceptions, values, attitudes, and expectations play’s an important role in influencing your child’s attitudes toward reading, and subsequent literacy development. When children share a book with someone who makes them feel special, the attitude that reading is pleasurable is transferred to them even most people remember the pleasure of reading when they were kids in their old age.

Teaching a child how to read and write


These are some points you can focus on as you teach a child how to read and to write

Read aloud:

Parents or Guidance who Read aloud with their child in a secure, safe and comfortable context motivate their child to read freely with no fear or doubt.

Engaging your child’s school teacher:

Be willing to engage your child’s school teacher,  when parents successfully support their child’s reading in align with the school curriculum, it helps them to move ahead of the class and enables them to understand the topics better and frees the teacher from the stress of much explanation. It as well supports child academic success.

Read for a short period:

While teaching a child at the age of 3 yrs – 6 yrs how to read and write, read for a short Period of time don’t take the reading for hours because this may be tiring and boring to the child and he may want to play and have some time with his fellow kids. So make it fun and short.

Choice of books:

Sometimes allow your child to make a choice of books to read, It is essential that there are lots of books in the home and that they are readily available. Sometimes you can buy a storybook or picture books for your child because children enjoy reading storybooks and books with images, you can buy books from garage sales or bookshops it also helps them to learn fast.

Shared reading:

This is a method of reading whereby the parent reads, the child reads. They take turns to read. The parent negotiates with the child to read a paragraph or page depending on the book. When the child reads, any loss of meaning, misunderstandings or mispronunciations that have been made by the child is rectified without drawing attention to the child’s miscues. When the child comes to unfamiliar words, he/she will hear it read correctly by the parent and will personally self correct his/herself the next time the word appears.

Teaching a child how to read and write

Teach a child how to read and write

Advantages of teaching a child how to read and write

Helps them get familiar with reading

Children who read with their parents are better prepared for school. They begin school with knowledge of book language and familiarity with concepts of the text and they improve in their writing skills and also write fast. They understand how books work and have many more exposures to text types and vocabulary.

Builds children self-esteem

Knowing someone cares enough to take time out of a busy schedule to give you undivided attention around a book! makes a significant difference in how children perceive themselves as learners and readers. When parents show an interest in their children’s learning, children respond positively.

It brings the children closer to their parents

Reading unites parents and children together and spending time interacting with your child goes a long way to supporting children’s literacy development.

Through interactions with parents or Guardians children can learn new vocabulary! seek clarification of new understandings, and learn to comprehend their expanding worlds. Talking is the key to reading and writing. Talking with kids, while walking to school, at the table, in the car, bedtime has a significant effect on literacy learning in general.

Helps kids have a sense of belonging

When a family reads together And teaches the children how to read and sometimes link a story to the page while reading, it helps them form a common ground for communicating. Stories bind families and help children make a sense of where they fit in the world.

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