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1- Clear your phone of 20 contacts no longer serving you … 2- Meditate in silence for 20 minutes or more…




Print this out and tick them off one after the other. You will feel phenomenal by the end of these 20 exercises. Checkable items can now be an exciting experience for a change. Change and reframes are the easiest way to bring more joy and positivity into your life.



Joy- I know from my friends, family and community is what people desperately want to continuously experience. I hope these 20 things bring you just the perfect amount a sustainable joy.

The following items have been selected because of the results they’ve already created for so many people. They are life-shifting items and not be taken lightly!

Again, don’t just read this, commit and print it out and place next to your closet or desk where you’ll look at it most. Join me in creating an aligned life worth being excited about. Let’s have some fun.

1- Clear your phone of 20 contacts no longer serving you

Oh yeah, we’re jumping in. Of course, if you feel compelled to delete more, more power to you. This can be an emotional experience for some, not going to lie. Take it in strides feel the emotions and release them knowing you’re making room for people that you are harmonizing with.

2- Meditate in silence for 20 minutes or more

You may need to start at 5 minutes and work your way up. The most successful people are meditating 20 minutes in the morning and at night and as an empathic being, I can tell.

The way they project themselves is different from others. They radiate the energy of a balanced life. They are calming when you talk to them and bring a sense of peace to you.

Wouldn’t you love to support others just by having a regular conversation with them because of how grounded you are?

3- Find 20 reasons to forgive yourself

Oh my, oh my. I can’t stand this one, which means it serves me the most! Typically, what gives us the most resistance is exactly what we need to support our growth.

Take a moment and think about all the self-sabotage you’ve bestowed upon yourself. It’s time to become conscious regarding words constantly said so you can

  • be aware of what you are saying and
  • remove the statements from here on out.

4- Write down 20 things you’re grateful for in 2019

Gratitude is an attitude and by choosing to partake in this type of activity, the way you live and the things that you say naturally will shift towards a positive perspective. When being in a state of gratitude, you stop dwelling on what frustrates you and re-train your brain to focus on the good life. We’ve got to be grateful for where we are at this moment before moving to the next chapter in life.

5- List 20 things you’re leaving behind in 2019

It’s powerful to let go, although often easier said than done. Consciously choose to let go, write it down, and say “bye-bye.” It’s time to move forward starting with perspective.

6- Figure out 20 accomplishments you’re proud of

We often get caught up in “I must do X to get Y” thought process vs stopping and recognizing what we’ve already achieved in this lifetime. When I look back, I have so many accomplishments it’s amazing. Rarely do I look back to see the positive though. Let’s make our past something to be proud of.

7- Figure out 20 causes that you believe in, where you’d like to send love and prayers, or even donate time and money towards

Belonging in this world means we must give back and support others. Think of the planet and the people as your home, your family, even the ones you despise most. It’s your home, so how are you going to turn on the lights and spread the love with your beautiful electric energy.

8- Figure out 20 reasons to celebrate the person you’ve become

Think about the amazing traits that make up that which is you. Maybe you’re easy to talk to, maybe you’re phenomenal at writing. What awesome characteristics create YOU? Need some support? Lean on your friends. It’s vital to your energy to celebrate who you truly are.

9- Take a 20-minute walk in nature in complete silence with no distractions

Nature is alive and radiating energy of alignment. Walk amongst the earth with a smile across your face as you breathe in the harmony and alignment of that which grows around you. Leave your phone behind or place it in airplane mode. Be present for this nature walk.

10- Try a hobby you’ve always wanted to give a whirl

Doing new things creates new neural synapses within the brain and which can be a game-changer for your creative mind. Also, I want you to have fun here. What have you been meaning to try out and learn?

11- Dance to your favorite music for 20 minutes

Keep the joyous activities flowing! Dancing brings about your inner child. Babies and toddlers love to wave their hands in the air and wiggle their hips when a song they like comes on. Feel the music, preferably positive uplifting beats that get you into your groove.

12– List out 20 aspects of what you’re creating in living your best life possible.

Note the difference, it’s not your typical goal-setting program. What’s happening amongst your goals. Having difficulty? Maybe write down what a day in your best life looks like and pull out 20 items that make it up to perfection. Even the minutia plays a part in the big picture. You can’t make a movie without the extras or background actors; every role is imperative.

13- Write 20 positive affirmations about who you are and who you are becoming, say them out loud

Now that you’re clear about your best life, who are you in it? How would someone describe you? Are you caring, powerful, on top of it, what descriptive words create your role in the picture?

Put them into an affirmative statement. “I am caring.” “I am powerful.” “I am a success.” Write them down and say them out loud. Hal Elrod author of Miracle Morning encourages you to take 5 minutes each morning to state your affirmations.

14- Voice record these affirmations so that you can listen to again and again knowing who you are and your truth

Personally, I like to take it a step further and state my affirmations out loud on my voice recorder and then listen to again and again while driving around. Why don’t we make a commitment why we’re at it to listen to 20 days in a row?

15- Take 20 minutes to pray for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world

Take a moment to pray. You can pray to your soul, God, the Universe. Simply know and ground in that it’s your highest and best interest.

Take a moment to pray to the divine energy that connects us all and make your requests known. Pray for our home, pray that you step into your best self every day. Pray for whatever your heart desires and surrender it to the heavens.

leadpreneur academy

leadpreneur academy

16- Create a vision board with at least 20 pictures of what you’re looking to achieve and bring into your life in 2020 and beyond, place where you can see every day

Bring your vision to life. Use magazines, newspapers, your computer. Bring your vision to a large piece of paper that you can look at regularly. Cut them out, use colors, again get into that child mode again and embrace the vision. Turn up the music maybe do it with friends and have some fun. Place somewhere you’ll see often which offers you a reset to your vision each time you see it. Practice gratitude for this vision you’ve created as well.

17- List 20 actionable steps that you can jump on in 2020

You’re seeing 2020 now with your vision and who you’re becoming so what steps can you take that provide the greatest impact and forward momentum? Write them down and get ready to leap into that winning force of energy that surrounds you now.

18- Invest in a book, a course, instructor, or life coach that supports your vision for yourself and the world.

Find your tribe, your support system, create a group or an accountability buddy. Study a professional course among the tones of courses available at LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY, starting January 6, 2020.

Athletes, celebrities, and executives have a tribe of coaches and experts to cheer them on and hold them to their vision.

You are just as deserving because you powerfully impact the world as well. Find a way to bring this constant encouragement in as well.

Wishing you the most phenomenal journey to the New Year!


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