Things to bring when coming to school in Benin Republic cloths,shoes,gas,food stuff,handset,computer,books,text books,pen and Biro,drugs,international passport,etc.




Yes! Benin republic without doubts, remains one of the top African countries in which education has been made easy for students.

Having gone past academic deliberations and after settling for institutions of their choice, I can’t help but notice students ponder on minor issues as to their departure to various universities such as “THINGS TO BRING ALONG”. If you are among these students, then this write-up is just for you.

Nine (9) Things To Bring While Coming To Benin Republic As A Student

How about you settle down with a glass of water while I help you highlight nine (9) things to never leave behind:


AN ANDROID PHONE: Sarcastic right? But hey! You’ve got to trust me on this one! Most parents are only concerned about reaching their children as soon as they cross the border. Thus, they see nothing wrong in the availability of a cell phone. However, you students must know that your cell phone (an android) is a basic gadget that must be withheld. Now you may ask why.

Do not forget that your major priority in Benin republic is your academy. You would definitely be assigned with assignments and projects to help broaden your knowledge of your course. Getting a laptop may seem difficult; thus, the value of your android. Data subscriptions have been made affordable and all that you need to know is in Google’s box. I am sure that you would not miss out on this one; which takes us to the next item.


A LAPTOP: Yes! A laptop is absolutely necessary for a student. You may have your cellphones through which assignments could easily be googled up. How then would you go about researches and project works? How about ambiguous write-ups? How can you save yourself of a cyber café’s cost? Definitely, a personal computer(PC) is essential for you as a student.


TEXTBOOKS: In respect to your dreams, I am sure you have an intending course of study in mind before coming to Benin republic. Reading materials such as your course related textbooks are a must-get. Remember that your lecturers have been assigned to take care of classes to which knowledge should be acquired. However, these lecturers are no islands of themselves. You as students are expected to engage in reading activities and researches. Your lecturers would help with difficult questions you may come across.


CORPORATE WEARS: You could argue its importance; but you’ve got to believe that your box would be incomplete without few pairs of corporate wears. Let’s talk about its usage. Have you imagined what your lectures would look like?  Are you aware that presentations are almost unavoidable? I could almost hear you whisper Oh yea? Definitely! After certain projects, you would be expected to make presentations to which you are expected to dress formal and responsibly. This would be used as a medium to judge how well you would present yourself in organizations you would   work with in the long run.


SOME PAIRS OF SHOES: Of course! You wouldn’t want to get suited up and go on with a pair of sandals or stay bare-footed. Neither would you love to force your feet into some ill-fitting shoes.  Why not save yourself some stress and pick up one or two corporate shoes.


FOODSTUFFS: This is the stage where I get to inform you that most of your Nigerian meals would be missing in Benin republic. I am sure you have no plans of starving yourself after realizing that you are not friends with Benin meals. I therefore suggest that you include few foodstuffs to keep you going until your body system makes some adjustment.


PROVISIONS: There are times you may not be up for your usual Garri and Eguisi or Banga soup. Your already stored provisions such as cereal would definitely rescue you.

ANTI-MALARIA DRUGS: Lots of students find difficulty in adjusting to new weather conditions and may tend to fall sick during lectures. Why not add some few packs of anti-malaria drugs? This would definitely help strengthen your immune system. In case you do not know, medications in Benin republic are quite costly.


A FUN BOX: My fun box is a pack that consists of materials I use in whiling away time. Why not make yours? It could be your diary and jotters if you are also a writer. How about some knitting wools and pins? You wouldn’t stay out all the time, would you? What else would you be needing for such times other than a fun box?

Now that you are ready for your stay in benin republic, I wish that you have a safe journey down


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