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ANDORRA: Visa, Education, Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians

Andorra Visa, Education, Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians

Andorra is a small, mountainous country sandwiched between France and Spain.

Only 31,000 (33%) of the people living in Andorra are Andorran nationals, although this number is increasing rapidly as citizenship laws are relaxed. The next largest groups are Spanish (27,000), Portuguese (14,000), French (5,000) and British (1,000). The official language is Catalan, spoken by almost all Andorran nationals, but in view of its geographical position, most people speak French and Spanish as well. A sizeable minority also speak English.

The capital and largest city in Andorra is Andorra la Vella, which is home to 19,319 people. Andorra la Vella is also the highest capital in all of Europe. In total there are ten towns in Andorra with a population of more than 1,000 people.

Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians


Despite its small population, Andorra is one of the richest countries in the world. The World Bank estimated that its GDP per capita was 44,952 in 2008, making it the 16th richest country in the world. Its prosperity is built largely on its status as a tax haven and its tourist industry. The Andorran government estimates that 10.8 million tourists visited the country in 2008, and at times the number of tourists in the country dwarfs the number of residents.

More than 90% of the population is Roman Catholic. There are some other Christian denominations, a Muslim community of about 2,000 from North Africa, and small populations of Hindus.

Andorra is notable for having the 4th highest life expectancy in the world. An Andorran born today can expect to live for 82 years.


Andorra is growing at a steady pace and will continue to do so until the middle of the century. Current projections have the country reaching a maximum population of around 95,500 before beginning to decline slightly.


Population Rank


Growth Rate

0.16% (193rd)

World Percentage



164/km² (77th)


470 km²

The current population of Andorra is, based on projections of the latest United Nations data. The UN estimates the July 1, 2020 population at 77,265.


Location of Andorra

Andorra is a sovereign landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. Tourism, the mainstay of Andorra’s economy, accounts for roughly 80% of GDP. An estimated 10.2 million tourists visit annually, attracted by Andorra’s duty-free status and by its summer and winter resorts.


This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations that have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.


Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Andbank Financials Banks Andorra la Vella 1930 Private bank
Andorra Telecom Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Santa Coloma d’Andorra 1949 National telecom
Banca Privada d’Andorra Financials Banks Escaldes-Engordany 1957 Private bank
Crèdit Andorrà Financials Banks Andorra la Vella 1949 Banking cooperative
Grans Magatzems Pyrénées Consumer services Broadline retailers Andorra la Vella 1930[2] Department store
Mora Banc Grup Financials Banks Andorra la Vella 1956[3] Bank
PGI Management Consumer services Recreational services Andorra la Vella 1957 Ski management

Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians


  1. International students would have the opportunity to become multilingual as Catalan, the official language is commonly spoken as well as French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  2. The living cost and tuition at the only university are comparatively low..
  3. The triple education system gives international students choices from either French, Spanish or Andorran education system.
  4. English-speaking students would not feel lost as many people here speak English

Cost of Living in Andorra

The cost of living in Andorra largely depends on the lifestyle and the location of the student. However, since the country is so small, the disparity in prices between locations would be almost non-existent.

Getting a Visa to study in Andorra

Entry into Andorra is either through France or Spain. Therefore, students from non-EU countries must obtain a travel visa for either of these two countries first.

Information on how to get these visas can be obtained from the embassies of these countries near you.

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However, students requiring a Schengen visa must have a double or multiple entry Schengen visa that would enable them to enter Andorra. Contact the Andorran Foreign Affairs ministry for all the information you need on this.

On arrival in Andorra, all foreign students from outside the EU must apply for a student immigration permit. The International Student Service of the University would guide you on the procedure for getting this permit.

You would need the following documents for the student permit though:

  • An official admission letter from the University
  • Bank statement or proof of having enough funds to study in the country
  • Evidence of payment of tuition
  • Medical insurance
  • Traveling passport

These documents would also be needed before you get a visa to travel to France or Spain.

How to apply to the University of Andorra

Study abroad students can apply to the University of Andorra through their online portal. All documents required for the application, except they are in French, Spanish, English or Portuguese, must be translated to Catalan.

All the documents required for a successful application are listed on the application form. Photocopies of original documents must be verified by the awarding institution in your country.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees at the University of Andorra depend on the program and the duration of the program. The fees are also subject to change at any time.

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On average, international students would pay between €750 – €1,800 for undergraduate programs per semester. While postgraduate programs per semester cost between €1,800 and €3,700.

Further information on specific tuition charges for each course can be obtained from the respective faculties.

Faculties in the University of Andorra

The University of Andorra offers both bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in the following faculties

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and social sciences
  • Language and Cultural
  • Medicine and Health
  • Engineering
  • Science and technology

Living on campus

The University of Andorra provides campus housing for all students. However, this not guaranteed.

If accommodation on campus is not available, the university’s International Student Service would be on hand to assist you in getting accommodation.

Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians


Andorra continues a path of solid economic growth with unemployment touching a record low of 1.7%. The Andorra government presented last week their economic indicators for 2017 in terms of economic performance in Andorra. The net growth of 490 additional businesses has opened in 2017.

The growth in Andorran economic activity also translates into job growth. With an increase not only in jobs created but also overall the total amount of salaries paid it becomes clear that this growth is sustainable and points to an increase in future GDP per capita. Currently, Andorra’s GDP is matching the level of Germany and substantially higher than Spain and even France. However, there is still potential for recovery given the levels reached before the economic downturn in 2008.

The unemployment rate of 1.7% puts Andorra in a very competitive position with respect to other countries such as France at 9% and Spain at 17%. Even by international OECD standards, Andorra is taking the lead here before Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and the US.

One negative side effect has been the difficulty to find qualified staff in the country. Apparently many companies are recruiting staff through Spain and France when immigrational authorizations are required and causing delays sometimes to get people quickly into the job.

We predict further economic growth for Andorra until at least 2020 when the economy will probably face impulses of a slowdown given the outlook in Spain and France with potentially increasing interest rates and expanding consumer credit.


Where is the capital of Andorra?

Located in the continent of Europe, Andorra covers 468 square kilometers of land, making it the 200th largest nation in terms of land area.

Andorra was founded as a distinct and original nation in 1278. The population of Andorra is 85,082 (2012) and the nation has a density of 182 people per square kilometer.

The currency of Andorra is the Euro (EUR). As well, the people of Andorra are referred to as Andorran.

The dialing code for the country is 376 and the top-level internet domain for Andorran sites is .ad.

Andorra shares land borders with 2 countries: France, Spain.

To learn more, visit our detailed Andorra section.

Quick facts

Population 85,082
Density 181.8 / km2 ( 470.9 / mi2 )
Language Catalan
Independence Year 1278
Capital Andorra la Vella (Andorra la Vella)
Currency Euro
GDP 3,249,100,675 (2013 data)
GDP per Capita 38,188 (2013 data)
Land Area 468 km2 (181 mi2)
Neighbouring Country Spain
Minimum Longitude 1.788
Maximum Longitude 1.409
Mininum Latitude 42.656
Maximum Latitude 42.428

Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians


Location of Andorra la Vella on a map.

Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra. It has a population of 20,430 and is located on a latitude of 42.51 and longitude of 1.52.

Andorra la Vella is also the political center of Andorra, which is considered a Constitutional Monarchy, and home to its Ceremonial head of state.


City Andorra la Vella
Country Andorra
Population 20,430
Longitude 1.52109000
Latitude 42.50779000
Elevation 1037 meters over sea level

*Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians

`                  EDUCATION IN ANDORRA


A three system state

Given its diminutive size, it is surprising that the Principality of Andorra has three distinct schooling systems. Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16, and parents can choose between the French, Andorran, or Spanish systems for their children.

In every parish, there is a primary school. Most communities have a secondary school as well as free creches for younger children, and private nurseries.

School systems in Andorra

The standard of education is generally very high in Andorra. Expats can choose between three different systems: Spanish, French and Andorran. Attendance to one system compulsory until the age of 16, with home-schooling not permitted in Andorra.

During their education students will have been heavily exposed to English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese, and should have attained a decent to high level of each language.

The following subjects are taught comprehensively in all systems:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Arts
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • IT

The French education system in Andorra

Around half of children in Andorra attend a school that is part of the French education system. Pupils enter the system at 6 years old, with basic classes like literature, music, mathematics, French language, and art.

Each year, a further subject is added to the pupils’ curriculum. After finishing upper secondary school, children receive a diploma, with further education the usual next step.

Spanish education system in Andorra

The Spanish education centres in Andorra are managed by the government of Spain. Spanish schools consist of three different levels:

  • Primary education for children between the ages of 3 and 6
  • Basic general education (EGB) for children aged from 6 to 12
  • Baccalaureate program for 12 to 18 year-olds

After completion, students can choose to pursue higher education in Spain.

Andorran education system

Since there are many ex-pats in Andorra who are not from Spain or France, most place their kids in the Andorran system, due to its commitment to teaching both English and Spanish from an early age.

As the official language in Andorra, Catalan is the main language in Andorran schools. When secondary school is completed, students receive a certificate which enables them to continue to study in Andorra, although it’s also possible to continue in another European country

Private schooling

Many English-speaking ex-pat families send their children to Col-legi Internacional del Pirineu. To enroll, there is a one-off fee of €750 and then monthly fees of at least €670 (excluding costs for meals and transport).

As well as a multinational and multilingual environment, pupils have access to a wide variety of winter and summer sports such as skiing and golf, and many extra-curricular activity camps.

University and tertiary education

University courses in Andorra normally last 4 years. The majority of students who wish to go to university move to France or Spain. Two of the most popular university destinations for Andorrans are Toulouse and Barcelona.

The Universitat d’Andorra is the most famous University in Andorra. Although it is relatively new, it is gaining a reputation for the departments that it has – Nursing; Management, and Computer Science. It also has a virtual studies center for online courses.

The Universitat de les Valls is a private university that specializes in the field of dentistry, and the Universitat Oberta la Salle is a private, long-distance university that offers master’s degrees in business and computing.

Andorra Visa Education Work Permit And Living Life For Nigerians

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