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beninfo 247 international award of recognition
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beninfo247 international award of recognition

Beninfo 247 Benin Republic Fundraising Event


Beninfo 247 is an information portal, dedicated to providing valuable information to the world about the coastal city of the Republic of Benin. It publishes information about all aspect of the Republic of Benin such as; politics, sports, education, lifestyle, places, travel, business, career opportunities, entertainment, people and culture.

As the number one information portal in the Republic of Benin, beninfo247 makes it one of its priorities to give valuable information to its clients. Quite a large number of Nigerians as well as Ghanaians, Togolese and citizens of other West African countries troop into the Republic of Benin on a daily basis, in search of accredited universities suitable for them, in need of information for good business ventures, and travel agencies in need of tourist sites in the country. Beninfo247 makes the search easy for them. Not only do our clients get all of the information they need, but they also get to consult without charges.

Beninfo 247 was established in the year 2016 in the confines of the four walls of a building in Cotonou, Benin Republic, with its vision to strategically harness the power of the internet to provide relevant information, great customer centered and value-added Service system, That improves its visitors, clients, and partners everyday life, and a mission to be the number one online information portal in the Republic of Benin that provides useful and valuable information to the world, Beninfo 247 within 2 years has grown so big, its reach both online and offline remains a raging success.

The educational department of beninfo247 has impacted into the lives of Nigerian students who seek admission into the universities in the Republic of Benin through a scholarship scheme in partnership with the top universities in the country and at the same time relieved the parents of these students from financial strains some of them might be having. So far, over 500 students have been admitted into several universities in the Republic of Benin. This fast-rising company has become the heartthrob of these universities, as well as the students. Companies, travel agencies as well as universities have partnered and supported Beninfo 247 tirelessly

In the spirit of celebrating and appreciating all sponsors who are participating in this fundraising event, and also giving back to all that have supported and impacted in the growth of the company to see its vision become a reality, Beninfo 247 is organizing an award/fundraising event, which will be happening on the 1st of December 2018.

Beninfo 247 Benin Republic Fundraising Event

Beninfo 247 Benin Republic Fundraising Event


To all our existing partners and prospective partners, it is our top most pleasure to show you the great course that you have so kindly decided to be a part of.

Listed below, we have the categories of the award of recognition to be presented;

  • Scholarship sponsors: we will be honoring dignitaries for their contribution to the improvement of the standard of education in their immediate environment, community, state, country and in Africa at large. This will be merited by providing a minimum of 5 full scholarship to aspiring university students in their immediate environment. Today, our youths are being misused by the elite, majorly because of their lack of education. Therefore, if we must put a stop to this and improve our standard of living in Africa, we must, first of all, improve our standard of education. Beninfo 247, an organization with the passion of adding value to humanity is reaching out to those who see education as a passport to reach the world, who share in our vision to support, to sponsor and contribute to this humanitarian service.

Partners: this award is given to prospective partners of beninfo247. Our educational improvement program entails skills acquisition programs. etc. quite a large number of graduates today are either at home, jobless or are doing jobs they don’t have any interest in just to avoid being jobless. The purpose of this program is to prevent this from happening any more. This skills acquisition program is to help train them in various dynamic skills, to hone in on unique talents and skills that they might already have, and help them become masters in their various choice of expertise. We want these youths to know that education doesn’t end within the 4 walls of a class room so that they can be equipped with the right tools of education tools. Because education knows no boundary. These are some of the acquisition skills programs Beninfo 247 will be offering:


  • Photography
  • Beauty Product Creation
  • Graphic design
  • Make-up artistry
  • Digital entrepreneurship,
  • Clothing and fashion designs,
  • Forex trading,
  • Internet and web designs
  • Blogging

Parents/guardians: This category of people will be honored for their constant sponsorship of the students. We believe that if all parents were in good financial positions to put all of their children through school, there won’t be need to solicit for scholarship sponsorship for any child. This is why we are honoring these parents.

So far, we have over 30% of interested bodies who are strongly committed to this course. While we have this 30% support, we still need more of your support. We are using this medium to crave your indulgence to support us in our vision to help these students and help them realize their dreams. You are welcome to support in the scholarship sponsor category, or in the partnership category where you support the students with the skills acquisition program.

For more information, please Call/Whatsapp +22967249558.

Beninfo 247 Benin Republic Fundraising Event




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