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Colors that make you look Expensive.

Written by Thysiamore Empire

Colors that make you look Expensive.

Hi guys, happy new week! Welcome to Fashion Mondays. winks! today we will be discussing “Colors that can make you look expensive.  If you have been following up on our articles, you will know that we have been discussing how to look expensive on a budget.  We have talked about Makeup, Outfits, and now we are looking at Colors. (click on the blue words to visit the article).


Colors are very important aspects when it comes to Fashion generally.  It is said Fashion has no rules, but colors do. A bad combination of colors can ruin your entire fashion look, even “Barney” could be regarded more fashionable than you, it can also leave you looking tar tared, or shabby, too short, shape lost, etc. so in this article, we are going to be looking at colors that make you look classy and expensive even if the clothes were not bought from, DIOR, CHANNEL or GUCCI.


Colors that make you look Expensive.

The Color Classification, for Fashion and Clothing

Fashion is very broad, but you do not need to be a thorough fashion person before you can look classy and expensive in your outfits, understanding some basics will get you a recognizable point, where you will be identified as that lady/gentleman who always know what they want with there outfits.

Colors in fashion as categorized pretty differently, the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as studied in elementary school, are classified into different terms. Lets look at them for clarification.

  • Neutrals
  • Neutrals (Earth tones)
  • Pastels
  • All white
  • All black
  • Monochrome



Neutrals are colors that are not eye-grabbing, they easily blend into the skin tone, they are without saturation (reds) most of the time, these set of colors do not fail when it comes to bringing out the elegance of a person, no matter how they are combined they still stand out, even more, when accessories are added.  Even if you are a novice in fashion, neutrals, can be your best bet, when it comes to slaying effortless, and still maintain elegance. Anyone can match neutral outfits together, these colors include, beige, ivory, white, nudes, cream, black, gray, brown etc.

colors that make you look expensive/bio with thysiamore

Neutrals (Earth tones):

Earth tones are colors that we can naturally find around our environments, for example, the blue sky, green grasses, red/brown soil, red sun, blue sea, yellow/pink flowers, etc. these colors come with a good amount of saturation in them, they are not so easy to match compared with the plain neutrals, but when combined good enough it is sure to bring out this classy and elegant look. A good way to match Earth tones if you are not a “too much color” person, is to match them with the “neutrals”! it makes it easy to match, and also easy to define your style.



Some people confuse Neutrals and Pastels to be the same most times, well they not necessarily so, while Neutrals are desaturated( less color) colors, they are only found in the less colorful color set, meanwhile, pastels are the desaturated color version of virtually any color you can find aside from the neutrals.  You can simply refer to them as the ‘Washed out colors”,  this set of colors have become a trend over the years, in virtually any fashion area, it is soft, dreamy, elegant looking, very classy and can be matched with other color sets. some of the most fashionable outfits used with pastels are cardigans, suits, pants, monochrome, etc.

Colors that make you look Expensive.


All white: 

For the longest of times in the fashion world, wearing all white has always been a trend, it appears super elegant and soft most of the time and fits virtually anyone for both men and women, it gives you this millionaire vibe and makes people look at you differently, when in doubt of what to wear, just go on all white. winks.


All Black: 

A lot of people have the impression that when you stun in an all-white outfit, you may be attending a wedding, and when you stun in an all-black outfit, you are attending a burial ceremony, well that is the way out society is today, but in truth, the fashion world does not see it that way, these to colors have always been in vogue, for as long as I can remember, and they always appear for stunning when put together.


Black & White:

If you feel an all-white or all-black outfit is too exaggerating, you can combine both to still get an elegant look.

Below is a comprehensive video I have made explaining Colors that can make you look expensive on a budget, be sure to hit the play button and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Check out the to look expensive on a budget playlist right here as well.

Colors that make you look Expensive



Monochrome Outfits: 

As the name implies it is wearing one color from head to bottom with some tints and shades of the same color as the sub fits.  This has become a trend over time! people usually want to try wearing the exactly the same color of outfit and accessories from top to bottom.  Many at times, we don’t find that especially with the level of creativity in the fashion industries today! so I think this revolution came from “if you cannot find the exact color, you can surely get the same color; lighter version or darker version or even a mid-tone version to match” wearing monochrome can really make you look uniform and elegant.

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Colors that make you look Expensive

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