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Written by Thysiamore Empire


10 Steps to Achieving Flawless Makeup.

how to achieve beautiful glowing skin
Simple Flawless Skin Finish

Been Natural is one trend most ladies have a big interest in, we have a woman of color but we also have women who most of the time want to look like they fell from heaven you know like a (10/10) physical face and body properties, even women of color sometimes just want to look really simple but cute.

 I have had some personal encounter with some ladies and they say they don’t seem to find a way of looking themselves without having their face changed as natural as possible when these days if you don’t wear a lot of makeup you don’t really fit so, they prefer not to wear makeup at all.

Well ladies I got this tutorial for you that enables you to wear makeup and still looking as simple as possible and in less than 20 mins, so let’s get started.

step 1 start with a clean face.
Start with a Clean Face.

Start with a clean freshly washed Face.

Step 1

10 guidelines to a flawless skin finish.
Step 1; Start by Priming your Face.

Prime your face, if you have oily skin, you want to apply a primer that absorbs 60 – 70 % of the oil that may come out of your face while you have makeup on e.g. primer Zikel, Nyx, Becca Primer, Bobbi Brown, etc.

Step 2

10 guidelines to a flawless natural makeup by BIO with Thysiamore.
Step 2 : Apply Foundation

10 Steps to Achieving Flawless Makeup.

Foundation, this is optional for some ladies who have no acne or any blemish on her skin you may just skip this step, and if you are to wear foundation, wear a light-proof foundation, one that matches your skin perfectly.  Stick foundation are good examples, ensure you blend properly so it feels like your skin. It is also advisable to color correct before applying foundation if you have acne on your skin, make sure to do it lightly and blend properly. E.g. of some very good foundation. Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, Revlon, Huda beauty, etc.

Step 3

10 guidelines to a flawless natural makeup by BIO with Thysiamore.
Step 3: Apply Concealer

Concealer, you want to use a shade of concealer that is exactly your skin tone or 1 shade lighter to highlight underneath your eyes, and also cover eye bags or dark marks.  Applying concealer makes you look awake and bright; you want to blend your concealer properly so it matches your skin and applies a small amount.

Step 4

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 4: Apply Powder to the areas you Highlighted

Powder, I highly recommend a translucent powder for your natural makeup look.  A translucent powder is light in weight, it doesn’t add a powdery effect and it doesn’t take away, it just absorbs naturally and brings your makeup together.  Do not use a heavy powder especially during the heat period. E.g. Laura Mercier translucent powder, Sacha buttercup. Etc.

Step 5

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 5: Bronzing the Cheekbones

Bronzing, this is one way to add definition to your natural look.  You can use a bronzing powder that is at least a shade or 2 darker than your skin to compliment the side of your face that are in shadows you could also use a concealer of a powder but in little amounts and blend properly.

Step 6

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 6: Fill in Your Brows

Brows, if you are already blessed with naturally full brows, I suggest you groom your brows and shape it to your desired taste.  Apply a brow fixer and pomade but keep it simple and natural, because that’s the essence of this ladies, “keeping it natural”. Conceal brows slightly if you fill your brows (optional) don’t conceal top if perfect.

Step 7

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 7: Apply some Blush

Blush, this is totally optional, but if you have that rosy blush that just warms up your skin and makes you face bronzed and sculpted, then a little blush won’t hurt at all.

Step 8

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 8: Highlight

Highlight, a little amount of your favorite highlight powder will make you sparkle, when you are out especially in the sun, you are going to glow.  Apply highlight to your forehead, chin, neck, brow bone, inner tear duct, and chest too if you have got that perfect off shoulder or V neck top.

Step 10

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 9: Eye Shadow and Lashes

Eye shadow and Lashes, also optional especially if you are going for a very subtle and natural look. Mascara can get your natural lashes looking great, but if you want a fuller lash, then you can pop up your favorite eyelash and eye shadow that adds some sparkle to your eyes.

And finally

Step 10

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
Step 10: Lipgloss/Lipstain

Lip-gloss/lip stain, you can just tap in your favorite gloss to make you look prettier or a pink lip balm will do.

You can also go in with a fixed spray to lock the makeup in, and take away any powdery effect that may be left on the face.

10 Guidelines to a flawless makeup finish
And Voila.

Hope you ladies learned a thing or two,

Until my next one bye.

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