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rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore
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Truth is, there are really no rules to makeup.  Makeup is Art and I believe Art to be expressions so it is literally expressing yourself through colors and textures to achieve beautiful or a sophisticated look.  However, there are guidelines to having a flawless makeup.

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

These are steps you can choose to follow or ignore especially if you have a better option, but from experience, I believe these guidelines to be effective.  It has worked for a lot of top makeup artiste as well, it can for you too.

Guidelines to a Flawless Makeup

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore


Your idea on makeup is about 60% effective on whether your makeup turns out great or not, 40% is heavily dependent on the tools you have.  For example, you need a good brush, sponges to apply creamy/liquid or even powdery products on, brushes with weak bristles or bristles already pulling off can ruin your makeup application so much.  Also, some bristles may not fall out, but they are of a very low quality which could either not last long or not blend well so you want to buy good makeup sponges or brushes.

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

Brush Care:

A good set of brushes will last several years if it is well cared for. This involves storing the brushes properly (either in a neat brush roll that has individual slots for each brush or upright in a pencil cup) and keeping them clean. To clean brushes, take a drop of brush cleaner or very gentle soap in your palm, wet the brush, and swirl the bristles around on your palm until they are covered in soap. (I love using baby shampoo.)

Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is gone. Do not immerse the brush head in water, because the hair is glued to the base, and even the most expensive brushes will come apart. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel, reshape the brush head, and let it dry with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter so the bristles dry into the perfect shape. Brushes can become mildewed if they rest on a towel while drying.


Clean all your brushes every month or two at most. For quick cleaning in between washings, use a spray brush cleaner. Spritz it onto the bristles, and swipe them back and forth on a tissue until all product residues are removed from the brush.

bio with thysiamore

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore


The right products will give you absolutely great makeup results, quality products give you quality results.  If you have oily skin you want to stay away from oily products, and also if you have really sensitive skin, you may want to seek a dermatologist or have your makeup artiste test out products prior to an event day before using them on the event day to make sure you do not have any irritation.

A professional makeup artiste can also tell you if a particular product is good for you or not.  In general, the right makeup tools cannot be overemphasized, check for skin tone, undertone before using any cream/liquid products.

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

Makeup Care

Examine the contents of your makeup bag, drawer, or cabinet. Take out anything that’s in a broken container or missing a cap. You can pour liquid foundation into a fresh bottle, scoop out creams and lipsticks and transfer them to small containers or palettes, and place cap less pencils in zip-top plastic bags. Broken powder blushes and pressed powder compacts are irreparable and should be tossed. Weekly maintenance is far easier than semiannual overhauls.

You also need to get rid of any makeup that’s past its expiration date:

  •  Liquid and cream foundation 2 years
  •  Concealer 2 years
  • Powder 2 years
  • Mascara 6 months
  • Lipstick 12 to 18 months
  • Lip and eye pencils 12 to 18 months
  • Eye shadow 2 years
  • Powder blush 2 years
  • Cream blush 2 years
  • Moisturizer 2 years
  • Eye cream 6 months
  • Sunscreen 2 years
  • Face cream 2 years




It is very important you know the different tips/tricks to applying makeup for flawless results and for your type of skin, or general skin if you are a Makeup artiste, this saves time, energy and helps you achieve a flawless look, tips and tricks helps in making your makeup application better.

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore

rules to makeup/bio with thysiamore


Skin preparation is a vital pre-makeup step that shouldn’t be ignored at any point.  As our skin is different so are our skin routine but overall the essence of skin prep is to ensure long-lasting makeup and clear skin.

  • Skin prep stops the skin from breaking out oil during the day.
  • It hides imperfections.
  • Smoothens the skin for a better blend of products etc.

Moisturizers work in several ways. First, they fill in the spaces between the relatively dry, or cornfield, cells of the epidermis, making the skin feel and appear smoother. They also create a barrier on the skin, helping the skin retain water. The oil content in moisturizers works with the protective lipid coating of the skin to partially protect the skin from the air. Care must be taken in the selection and use of moisturizing products, as they make a huge difference in how the skin works. Hydration is the key to smooth, even skin, and moisturization is the external way to achieve it.


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