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The Academic Staff Union of Universities was established in 1978 after the Nigerian Association of University Teachers which was founded in 1965 to serve as a body to oversee the activities of academic staffs in all of the federal and state Universities in Nigeria

During the military regime, the union was actively involved in the struggles of 1980s. In 1988, the union organized her first national strike in the quest for fair wages and university autonomy. This led to the suspension of ASUU on the 7th of August 1988.

After 2 years of suspension, the union, in 1990 was allowed to resume activities but in 1992, another strike was initiated which also led to a subsequent ban of the ASUU on the 23rd of August 1992.

On the 3rd of September 1992, an agreement was reached to meet the demands of ASUU including the workers’ right to collective bargaining. The union has since 1988 been organizing strikes in pursuit of their demands such as those of 1994 and 1996 to protest against the Sani Abacha’s dismissal of staffs.

The issue of recurring strike has become a habit and a national tragedy facing the Nigeria University system, for instance, a candidate gains admission to study for four years but ends up spending five or more years in the university. This is beginning to look normal and frightening beyond measures to university students in the country.

Again, on the 14th of November 2018, the union introduced another indefinite strike due to the actions of Nigeria Government coupled with intimidation employed by the government through the vice Chancellors and governing council to undermine the ongoing struggles.

Since then, the government tends to offer deaf ears to the demands of the union and from meetings that’s been held in this regard, there is no sign of the ASUU calling off the strike any time soon.

This has to a large extent affected most students thereby leaving them in a state of confusion on what next steps to take. Majority of students wish to get released from this stress by traveling abroad for study but do not know how to do so or what country to choose.

Countries like Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, and even neighboring countries like the Republic of Benin and Ghana are all accommodating for students to study.

There will be no need going through the stress of JAMB, strike or PUTME to school in these countries and the fee is reasonable enough to be compared to the many admission stress in Nigeria.
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on whatsapp: +229 67249558 or call: +229 67249558
, +229 95337737 for full information.

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