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3 Important Fashion Tips for Men

fashion tips for men/thysiamore
Written by Thysiamore Empire

3 Important Fashion Tips for Men

Hey guys, welcome back to another article, today we will be doing something very different, we will be talking about 3 important Men Fashion Tips, of course, there are a lot of Fashion tips for men out there, which are good, others misleading, and so on, but nothing should change the importance of comfortability and style when picking choosing out your fashion clothes, whether its work or just a casual outfit.

important fashion tips for men/thysiamore

important fashion tips for men/thysiamore

1. Always wear a tailored suit

Let us start with the most important tip of all; always wearing a tailored suit. Back in the 1960s, most men used to wear double-breasted suits, which were slightly larger than their body frame. It was accepted practise back then and didn’t really matter much. However, nowadays, an unfitted suit is frowned upon by virtually any man who knows a thing or two about clothing. Unfitted suits look extremely bland, and can easily be spotted by any person. For starters, they don’t fit properly around the shoulders, sometimes looking too big or sometimes being a tight fit. Secondly, unfitted suits are also either very loose or very tight around the waist, putting a blemish on the whole outlook of a person.

3 important men fashion tips/thysiamore

3 important men fashion tips/thysiamore

2. Pair the shoes properly

Putting on casual sneakers over a pair of dress pants is perhaps the stupidest thing that men can do, and a lot of men don’t even mind doing it. When it comes to fashion, men have to make sure that they pair their dress pants with the right type, and the right colour of shoes depending upon the colour of pants that they are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing black pants, it would look hideous to pair them up with white-coloured loafers. Instead, a better option is to either go for a black on black pairing or opt for light brown. Colours that contrast with each other often tend to complement each other, and are easier on the eyes.

3 Important Fashion Tips for Men

fashion tips for men/thysiamore

fashion tips for men/thysiamore

3. Have a light blue shirt in your wardrobe

The third most important tip that men need to abide by is to make sure that they always have a light blue coloured shirt in their wardrobes. The color light blue is widely regarded as universal; it can be paired with almost any other colour. It can be worn over beige-coloured pants, black coloured pants and can even pair well with white-coloured pants! Similarly, it can also be worn under a suit, and goes well with several tie colours! Rather than wearing darker coloured shirts, light blue is a much better option and can be worn quite easily with several different articles of clothing too!

3 Important Fashion Tips for Men

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