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CONSULTANTS JOB DESCRIPTION- BENINFO247 is an information portal, dedicated to providing relevant information to the world about the coastal city of the Republic of Benin. It publishes information about all aspect of the republic of Benin such as; politics, sports, education, lifestyle, places, travel, business, career opportunities, entertainment, people and culture.

Beninfo247 is offering an opportunity to job seekers out there, to join in its vision to provide valuable information to the world! Listed below are things you should know if you are interested in working as consultants for beninfo247.

What do Beninfo247 consultants do?

Beninfo247 consultants are expected to mobilize and facilitate the company’s campaigns. They are the company’s representatives, as they are able to reach certain areas the company can’t be present.

Education Requirement

For many consultancy jobs, high school education and field experience are enough to get started. However, a bachelor’s degree and experience will always help.

Required Job Skills

  • Communication Skills 

Having good communication skills and being able to speak with clients and potential customers in a friendly and open manner is a huge asset to an agent.

  • Pay Attention to Detail

Understanding the fine print in contracts, looking for inconsistencies and watching out for every detail will help you in your job.

  • Organizational Skills

Working with multiple clients will require strong organizational skills.

  • Persuasion Skills

Negotiating deals, persuading clients and sellers is a necessary skill for an agent.

  • Listening Skills

You have to be a very good listener for your services to be satisfactory. Listening to your client’s needs and working with them should be your top priority so as to have a successful business relationship with them.

  • Team Player

Being a good team player is a very good attribute that every agent should have, as you might not be working alone.

Who can apply for this Job?

  • If you have experience in sales/marketing job
  • Experience in consultancy
  • Someone with the zeal to make decent amount of money within a certain period of time.
  • Interested job seekers.

NOTE: Terms and condition apply

For more information, call/whatsapp: +22967249558



Instagram: @beninfo247

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