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Different Ways to Look Good and feel Comfortable in Summer


Different Ways to Look Good and Feel Comfortable during Summer.

Never wear an oily foundation to school during summer especially if you have oily or sensitive skin, once it starts breaking it leaves you feeling very uncomfortable in a way you will feel embarrassed to stay around people.  You don’t want anyone asking you if you have scars on your face, do you? If you must wear a foundation wear an oil-free foundation, that lasts up to 7hrs.

If u always feel sweaty under your foot, do not wear heels to school during summer, you may slip off and fall on it one day if you are not careful because of the sweat it will produce.

Try to wear lip gloss to school always at least, it’s more comfortable than wearing lipstick to school.  It will keep your lips soft every day, and also it will last throughout the day for outstanding ones.

Always put on deodorant before leaving for school.  Good deodorant will ensure your underarms dry all through the day and will also avoid any form of smell heat may produce.

Do not wear very tight underwears or pants(trousers) during summer you need air to pass into your body at every given time to balance body temperature and stay comfortable and also when the private part becomes too sweaty, it leads to unusual discharge from the private part which in most cases smells.

You don’t always have to wear foundation to school all the time, you can put on a very good oil control face primer that lasts up to 7hrs daily with some shimmer and then wear some highlight to glow. Wear highlight on the areas that light naturally hits your face especially your cheekbones.

For ladies who cannot draw perfect brows, out trim and shape your brows very nicely, apply some white gel to sleep down your brows, you can also go ahead and apply an eye shadow to your brows in the same pattern as u have trimmed it just to fill out sparse areas and nothing too sophisticated.

Always have your favorite pressed powder or oil control powder in your handbag when going out, to apply to areas of your face when it seems your foundation is breaking apart.

Have a face wipe to wipe out any product on your face when you do not need it or when somethings not right with your makeup.  During summer having wet wipes in your purse or handbag is very important you need the coolness to reduce heat and sweat stains when you clean up your private part after using the restroom.

Braid your hair nicely to avoid it smelling and breaking due to heat caused by the weather.

Wear light tops to enable air into your body and also not to thick or tight jean pants

Have a spear hand fan in your handbag, something simple to help stop sweating

Always have spear sanitary pads in your handbag, mensuration during summer can be so unlikely most times.

Don’t wear tight wristwatches or accessories to make it simple but beautiful.

Do not take bags with heavy kinds of stuff in it, it will make you tired easily to keep it simple.

Keep sophisticated makeup for occasions, let people see the difference.

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